Announcing Horse Isle 3!
(In progress)

Horse Isle: Infinite Wilds

Update August 2nd, 2018: Ever so slowly... but... Trading! We have trading... just like HI1 and HI2! but, HI3 Trading works! whooop! Did i reveal too much?? :)

Update July 18th, 2018: We have the beginnings of a game! Almost a few fun things to do :) But, alas, going to be a few more months of grueling effort before we can consider Beta. A fix today: Wild horses no longer found hanging out underwater.. progress!

Update June 27th, 2018: Still working as best we can on HI3. Progress made every day, but nothing new to share!

May 15th, 2018: HI3 Is in progress! It will take some time, and we are not prepared to share many details yet. But here are some big points (some or all could change). And this will be all the info for a couple months probably :) Sorry. Have to focus! Know that we are working as hard as we can to get this done well.

Horse Isle: Infinite Wilds
  • Same Horse Isle Community: horse centric, non-violence, no-electricity, all ages appropriate.
  • Same Horse Isle Feel: elements of HI2 and HI1 will be found.
  • 3D infinite wild world with many unique regions to explore, untouched by humans.
  • Realistic horse genetics that determine all aspects of completely unique and individualized horses and breeding.
  • Buy an actual, large plot of land in the world and build your Ranch.
  • Clubs will be central to the game, and will serve in the role as towns of the world.

    Some improvements/tweaks from previous Horse Isles:
  • We will remove all mechanisms for easily making the rich vastly richer. (interest/windmills/etc.)
  • We will remove ease of earning value with a duplicate account so that the issue of multiple account cheating becomes moot. (No reason to block trades from free accounts then.)
  • Probably have similar chat filters, but hope to relax it when appropriate. (Hopefully reduces frustration while keeping a clean space.)
  • We will have a mechanism for selected horses to not age, but expect it to be limited in quantity.
  • Will try to allow non-subbed players to do everything game-play wise, with just lacking some time savings and small bonuses.

    Technical Details:
  • 100% original system, no other game is similar.
  • You can definitely jump logs on the beach :)
  • It will likely have to be a client-download rather than an in-browser game. We will see if we can also release a web version, but even if we did it would run 2-3x slower. We will support what we can - Definitely Win/Mac/Linux.
  • Even though the world will be infinite we will prevent loneliness via a system of limited quick-travel. (So you can meet up with friends.)
  • Graphics will be somewhat similar to HI2, with a painterly cross between realistic and cartoon. Yet totally different :)
  • Fully unique horses. No two Pinto patterns will be ever be the same, etc.

  • Add your email to our updates list. so you are notified upon any big updates.
    (we will only send a few HI3 announcements over the next year)
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