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Welcome Adventurers
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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
Infinite World to Explore, Infinite Genetic Breeding, Infinite Wilds to catch!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
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NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.64b    (July 24, 2023)
Some bug fixes for yesterdays update. Anyone who supered a horse with an incorrect breed identification should be able to re-identify to fix. And if anyone imbued breast collars of cruppers, they can now disimbue :)

Additions & Changes:
+ Added Disimbuement ability! You lose all invested gold dust, and up to 10% of crystals may break, but the rest are refunded.

Bug Fixes:
- Walk backwards animation slowed down.
- Windows 32 bit client issue fixed.
- Previously imbued breastcollars and cruppers now display in the proper color. (but they should be disimbued :) )
- Fixed but then removed the birthday icons on buddy lists due to complaints.
- Fixed back button breed mismatch on random supering.
- Breastcollar attachment fix for certain shapes of horses.
- Crupper now adjusts to cart and sled harnesses.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.64A    (July 23, 2023)
New Tack! Took a ton of work, but hopefully you enjoy the new options and styles!

Additions & Changes:
+ Can pet and feed prior to going over start line in a competition now.
+ "Build Again" Button for clubs.
+ Horse Profile (Infertile) tag made red.
+ Randomizable Super Tokens to try now.
+ Hid leased, surrogate horses from Trader Lists.
+ Refresh button added to Adventure Party lists and post office.

New Tack!
+ Simple Endurance tack set (bridle, pad, and saddle) craftable.
+ Ornate Endurance tack set (bridle, pad, and saddle) expensive to craft.
+ Craftable Breast collar and crupper (simple or ornate) can be used with all tack sets.
+ Special Zebra Endurance 5 part set (Black is dyeable) (2000 Mobia in store)
+ Special Leopard Endurance 5 part set (2000 Mobia in store).

Horse Animation Updates:
+ Brand new animations for Walk and Gallop.
+ Fixes and refinements for Trot and Canter.

Two New Sport Breeds:
+ Finnish Warmblood
+ Finnish Sport Pony

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout:
+ Connemara

Additional Breed Tweaks:
+ Added new history sections to the Connemara breed info (the Spanish armada and what happened in reality).
+ Added new coats to the Selle Francais: cream-dilutes, dominant-white, linebacked, and rabicano.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed club fire pit bonuses.
- Added Birthday icons for Buddy and clubby lists.
- Horse ride along should have less camera movement for passengers.
NEWS: Corniest Server Glitch Ever    (July 8, 2023)
Still tracking down the cause (Believe it to be an integer rollover or similar) for the Corntagion that spread around the isles the last couple days :) But I believe all affected club buildings have been returned to their previous selves.

You all handled it awesomely. The Pun-nishing Cornfusion was excellent to see :)

Here are just a few of the comments noticed:

Quiet: thats so corny
Nautilis: my corndolances
Quiet: i feel a pop quiz about corn sizzling
Nautilis: it reads almost like a prank, you know? whoever did it is gonna get a real earful
Quiet: I bet they are Stalking Global now
Nautilis: let's hope the perp isn't too husk-y
KayLaGale: for just a kernel of information
OhSoLovely: Too bad we can't have some silky races while it's like this
Equilibrium: well don't reveal who they are, going on and tassel-ing on them
Nautilis: these are a-maize-ing
CruelSummer: agreed that we shouldn't cob-ble them
KayLaGale: it's just the silken threads in our minds
DesertDun: Aw, shucks!
HauntedHallow: maybe this glitch will let us all live in peas and hominy
HauntedHallow: these jokes have really been the cream of the crop
Talia: You should never tell a secret in a field of corn because they have too many ears!
Talia: A person who is crazy about corns is called a corn-ivore!
Talia: Let me give you a kernel of truth, Haunted is absolutely correct.
Talia: ah all i got was i'll seed you later "corndolences"

And note, we have been hard at work at a complex content update :) soonish!
Have a great day!

Nungchen Exp Top 10
Eribite tibetan LUCKY3,500
FrekiNottULFT Palden 10552,561
UnjustULFT Tibet1,284
HappenstanceHAPLF DeeDee1,270
FrekiNottULFT Samaya 10551,026
PepsiPepsi Nungchen1,000
FrekiNottULFT Ritveja 1000762
AutumnLeavesULFT Nungchen750
HappenstanceHAPLF LuckyFind750
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Falabella Exp Top 10
BlooperBLOOP S t r a w b e r r y A c a i51,048
WitchDoctorBLOOP Hercula17,000
BlooperBLOOP 12.2 fred's foal16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12.2 epic's foal16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12hh pearl long silk PERF's foal's16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12.2's foalffff16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12.2's foal16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12.2's foal16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12hh pearl long silk PERF's foal's16,500
BlooperBLOOP 12.1's foal16,500
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Anglo-Trakehner Exp Top 10
BluFeatheredRAB Seraphina362,060
FroggyFriend.Sen. The Balladeer150,946
BrielleGroveRAB S o l a r F l a r e91,856
LuckyCloverRAB It's a Sham-Rock!58,460
ReggieRAB Yoimiya54,040
IzukuRAB Apache SunKiss30,277
SeaMonster{sea} Arcane22,034
LostCauseLOSTY - Chilly21,940
Silver>SM< Addicted to You20,826
HyruleHYR Trouvaille20,794
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Franches Montagnes Exp Top 10
BunnyCatBunni burn the witch 16.933,180
DragonessDRAGN Goliath8,814
BunnyCat08.1hh SOSIG zoomies' foal2,500
DragonessDRAGN Spice1,000
FleckyFranches Montagnes508
PepsiPepsi Francheska500
EternityStarhar BC Franches Montagnes500
Erebus>^o^< montagnes500
RoxyRoxyRR's French Toast - 1025250
UnjustTFL Franches Morgana BC0
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Dulmen Pony Exp Top 10
NervousButTrying Torte10,924
NervousButTrying Strudel9,444
FirestormLOVE+ Dulmen 13.53,001
RoxyRoxyRR's Dulma - 10081,760
AluminaORO BC Dulmen Pony1,750
Erebusbite dulmen1,500
LabRat{CGI} Damsel ordered1,250
Erebusbite dulmen1,000
NervousButTrying Butterkuchen512
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Modern Franches Montagnes Exp Top 10
StandardRacers.SRS. Endless Horizons12,760
Betbet:. Shippo . 103911,046
GraniteLucky Find11,000
BunnyCatBunni 1406 sty blk ew6,500
AggieGirlModern Franches Montagnes5,500
BunnyCatBunni 1145 16.5 65 56.77 40.61 .72ew4,500
BunnyCatBunni 1320 sty rav blk 0ew4,000
DragonessDRAGN Ruby4,000
BunnyCatBunni 1039 16.5 63 61.09 40.92 .762,000
BunnyCatBunni 1482 17.8 71 63.19 40.13 .802,000
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