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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
Infinite World to Explore, Infinite Genetic Breeding, Infinite Wilds to catch!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
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NEWS: Quick Server Update    (April 19, 2021)
Added tracking of original artist when commissions are sold. We overlooked this, so added in the tracking ASAP, but the few art works sold for commission prior to this fix, will not reference the proper original artist.

In the future, clicking on an art Icon will say "Originally Created by: player" if it was sold as commission.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.39e    (April 19, 2021)
Whoops, we apparently stopped counting plushie stats towards metrics in 39d.
so, some quick fixes:

Additions & Changes:
+ Item Store listings now default to price order.
+ Cottonwood planterable.
+ Green Apple Tree planterable.
+ Plushie stats re-added to horse metrics.
+ Refresh button added to art review mod page.
+ View All Club News button overlap fixed.
+ Refresh back after applying a horse profile sticker.
+ Spelling fix (publshed)
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.39d    (April 19, 2021)
Additions & Changes:
+ Art Kit - Trading Art Designs directly for commissions added.
+ Art Kit naming allows more spaces total (5 instead of 3)
+ Naming also will allow Colon : Parenthesis () and apostrophe ' now
+ Esroh Stallion Plushie Added (More purple-ish)
+ Esroh Mare Plushie Added (More pink-ish)

Bug Fixes:
- Exception with "Apply Sticker" Fixed.

Aegidienberger Exp Top 10
GullyGUL* All The Stars18,314
SilverFeathers:I: Desert Mirage12,476
Janusjan: 988. 'Wolf Parade' LMs dg12,384
AkaiToriKaito Kismet8,992
WinonaRyder[wr.] Pogaito6,752
Jax.J. 1082 - Gisele - 16.15,320
Jax.J. 1000 - Gideon - 16.15,106
GullyGUL* Zap!3,020
KirishimaKITTY Stardust2,640
View Top 100
Israeli Local Horse Exp Top 10
Stark|strk Elliot Alderson 1325193,236
Stark|strk Kodaline 1478101,433
TranquilityTQ 11 Gene Hunt77,407
SkyeSKYE Aros68,522
SeerCULT Natural Element65,431
PrettyGirl*&- Aidas60,555
Stark|strk Nemesis Inferno 142760,034
Signature*&- Eastside58,232
BlackAusterSKYE Arsonist's Lullaby 1639 6.657,208
PathfinderMy new Israeli Local Horse53,479
View Top 100
Heavy Datong Exp Top 10
SnickerHorseEasy Goer4,263
SunnyCrowkram Silk3,310
FireworkPerma Datong - Heavy2,038
SunnyCrowkram Hall the 2nd2,010
SunnyCrowkram Hall1,800
CuriousCaseWyrm Mai612
ShinyRainRainy Montego261
HurricaneJoyJOY Tulsa258
SunnyCrowkram Silk's foal250
View Top 100

Swedish Warmblood Exp Top 10
MysticalPawPaw Dreamer235,990
Haylo[vo] Good Investment233,157
ThunderCrackerTC Yukon184,694
Aethaeth My Curse110,476
RouletteQueen>Rou< Genuine Risk67,034
Fishbones-fb- Arizona One60,652
GoldenTea[vo] Rox Dene51,009
DreamDust|DD| Ragnarok.111244,194
Aeth[vo] 1039. Burlesque41,804
LittleFastRunner-:A:- Jessie31,627
View Top 100
American White Horse Exp Top 10
FreeFellPNT Serenity5,360
FlowerBrickAdora Barley1,500
HayloH*. American CWH - White1,000
FreeFellFntsy Marcello140
TidbitsCruel Skies11
SaharAmerican White Horse0
LuckyTurtleReba Dawn0
FreeFellFntsy Merlin0
View Top 100
Welsh Pony Exp Top 10
OrogenyCYM Meira17,290
AteIrisIRIS Gromik16,460
OnABadBetbet:. Morn . 1012 . max12,674
Hazeyhzy Valkor11,842
Oddodd. Oh . 10299,784
OddOdd Sahara Wind6,834
OrogenyCYM 16.1mph 5.74jp 66.97ts5,500
MrChipsCHIP} Greyscale5,478
View Top 100

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