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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
Infinite World to Explore, Infinite Genetic Breeding, Infinite Wilds to catch!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
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NEWS: Quick Server Update    (April 19, 2021)
Added tracking of original artist when commissions are sold. We overlooked this, so added in the tracking ASAP, but the few art works sold for commission prior to this fix, will not reference the proper original artist.

In the future, clicking on an art Icon will say "Originally Created by: player" if it was sold as commission.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.39e    (April 19, 2021)
Whoops, we apparently stopped counting plushie stats towards metrics in 39d.
so, some quick fixes:

Additions & Changes:
+ Item Store listings now default to price order.
+ Cottonwood planterable.
+ Green Apple Tree planterable.
+ Plushie stats re-added to horse metrics.
+ Refresh button added to art review mod page.
+ View All Club News button overlap fixed.
+ Refresh back after applying a horse profile sticker.
+ Spelling fix (publshed)
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.39d    (April 19, 2021)
Additions & Changes:
+ Art Kit - Trading Art Designs directly for commissions added.
+ Art Kit naming allows more spaces total (5 instead of 3)
+ Naming also will allow Colon : Parenthesis () and apostrophe ' now
+ Esroh Stallion Plushie Added (More purple-ish)
+ Esroh Mare Plushie Added (More pink-ish)

Bug Fixes:
- Exception with "Apply Sticker" Fixed.

Belgian Mule Exp Top 10
ChronosBig Ben4,671
Simile.SIM. Goliath4,194
KigerQueen~KQ~ Catfish60
RebellionBaddieAUU Angels Lb Liver Sorrel-9110
BirdLadySadieSADE Moira0
HwinBig Red0
GoddessIrisIr!s Pixie Pop's foal0
HayloH*. Belgian Mule0
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Clydesdale Exp Top 10
Simile.SIM. Bounty16,306
WhiteOut-WO- FirstBlush12,935
DragonSpriteNS Caliban10,275
Rajah*KC* 929 Blitz 5-67,886
She\W/ Tayport7,663
WhiteOut-WO- WhiteChristmas7,577
SpookTheBookForte Butterfly Kisses6,262
TheMasqueradeKAM Kainora6,250
TheMasqueradeKAM Valaeria6,250
GullyGUL* Olivia5,500
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Top Bond Top 10
Jax~WS~ - Silver -32,767
Jax.J. - Shadowfax -32,767
Jax- Tornado -32,767
Savathun//* Tincture of Queensfoil.107531,328
CantaloupeFishDon't Stop28,801
Savathun//* Queen's Court.83328,441
LadyByzantine.:L:. Pumped Up Kicks27,808
Ama$ Tokyo27,104
BlackAusteraus. Redrum 17.1 1188 4.626,360
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Long-framed Mini-donkey Exp Top 10
PinkRosieBIA Lemon3,527
Aeolist/-\3O Whisper2,500
BrownWiseLucy Ricardo1,012
BrooklynSupremeTwinkle Toes761
EagleOwlSocial Night500
Pepsi~CC~ Long Framed Mini-Donkey304
View Top 100
Foundation Quarter Horse Exp Top 10
Damaged.d. Reggie20,198
Collie'*' x17,918
KigerQueen~KQ~ Cosmo16,791
SilentVikingSweet As Sugar12,128
DamagedDM River10,500
SilentVikingAfternoon Delight9,735
Meliodas'' c. Vivian9,000
DunPrincessLA Sheza Smokin Lenabar 18,793
Hope# Cowbaby7,020
DamagedDM Lady7,000
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Player Parcel Slots Top 10
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