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Welcome Adventurers
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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
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NEWS: HI3 Server Update    (December 4, 2023)
Whew, families and responsibilities took us away from development this summer, but here is a quick update. We are sitting down to work hard for another update before the holidays here! Have A Happy December! :)

Additions & Changes:
+ %SUPERSNOOP Added to allow you to see the Player's current Super order Preview.
+ %ALLOWSNOOP Enables anyone to see your current super orders.
+ Anomaly automatically makes an adventure party and invites everyone to it. In an attempt to reduce chaos :)
+ <2yo no need to apply cruppers/collars
+ Snow Covered Pine Tree now Planter-able.
+ Added Current Course Description & Rules to top of COURSES menu.
+ Traders now hide Suckling Mares.

New Traders Added:
+ Petite Petisos- Petiso Argentinos
+ Finnish Your Warmbloods, Dear- Finnish Warmblood
+ Blackest of Forests- Black Forest Chestnut
+ Voronezhhhh in the Library- Voronezh Coach and Sub
+ Kiger Spirit of the West- Kiger Mustang

A New Sport Breed:
+ Artistic Sporthorse

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout:
+ Ardennais
+ Argentine Criollo
+ Argentine Polo Pony
+ Hackney (including subtypes)
+ Selle Francais

A Massive Mealy Update:
Old breeds, new coats:
+ Started adding mealy (pangare) to many breeds except for breeds with strict color standards where the mealy might interfere with the desired color (e.g. Friesian, Mallorquin, Menorquin, etc.)
+ This will unlock new coats (e.g. sorrel and mealy bays) that show a subtle "mealy" effect that exists in many breeds.
+ Breeds that have this type of mealy added to them will have "minimal-mealy" listed in their BBB color info. Simply check your favorite breed's BBB info to see if they have the new mealy update applied to them.

Penalties and limitations:
+ This means no more penalty for carrying the mealy gene, BUT there will be 100% penalty for horses who show excessive mealiness.
[This penalty is not negotiable, and it simply replaces the original a 100% penalty for carrying the mealy gene.]
+ The mealy gene will still be rare in these breeds.
+ The darker the coat, the more visible the effect will be. Very light coats are likely to look the same.

How to get these brand new coats?
+ Technically you "can" breed the mealy gene into these breeds, but you'll likely end up with a grade foal due to conformation penalties.
+ We recommend you use a super-token instead, because all you need is one stallion that carries the mealy gene which you then can breed to numerous mares without any conformation issues.
+ Among the breeds that enjoy this update are: Paint and Quarter horses, Appaloosa, American Miniature, American Dutch Harness, German Riding Pony, Groningen. This is a partial list.
+ This "mealy" update is still WIP, so not all breeds are affected yet. To know if your favorite breeds were updated, simply check their BBB "Coats & Height" section info for "minimal-mealy".

Additional breed tweaks:
+ Added leopard and frame-overo (both extremely rare) to the Selle Francais. You can now breed for these coats aor order them via super tokens.
+ Added more info as well as a 'conformation' section to the Ardennais breed info.
+ Added the Campeiro to the Walkaloosa's parentage list.

NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.64b    (July 24, 2023)
Some bug fixes for yesterdays update. Anyone who supered a horse with an incorrect breed identification should be able to re-identify to fix. And if anyone imbued breast collars of cruppers, they can now disimbue :)

Additions & Changes:
+ Added Disimbuement ability! You lose all invested gold dust, and up to 10% of crystals may break, but the rest are refunded.

Bug Fixes:
- Walk backwards animation slowed down.
- Windows 32 bit client issue fixed.
- Previously imbued breastcollars and cruppers now display in the proper color. (but they should be disimbued :) )
- Fixed but then removed the birthday icons on buddy lists due to complaints.
- Fixed back button breed mismatch on random supering.
- Breastcollar attachment fix for certain shapes of horses.
- Crupper now adjusts to cart and sled harnesses.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.64A    (July 23, 2023)
New Tack! Took a ton of work, but hopefully you enjoy the new options and styles!

Additions & Changes:
+ Can pet and feed prior to going over start line in a competition now.
+ "Build Again" Button for clubs.
+ Horse Profile (Infertile) tag made red.
+ Randomizable Super Tokens to try now.
+ Hid leased, surrogate horses from Trader Lists.
+ Refresh button added to Adventure Party lists and post office.

New Tack!
+ Simple Endurance tack set (bridle, pad, and saddle) craftable.
+ Ornate Endurance tack set (bridle, pad, and saddle) expensive to craft.
+ Craftable Breast collar and crupper (simple or ornate) can be used with all tack sets.
+ Special Zebra Endurance 5 part set (Black is dyeable) (2000 Mobia in store)
+ Special Leopard Endurance 5 part set (2000 Mobia in store).

Horse Animation Updates:
+ Brand new animations for Walk and Gallop.
+ Fixes and refinements for Trot and Canter.

Two New Sport Breeds:
+ Finnish Warmblood
+ Finnish Sport Pony

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout:
+ Connemara

Additional Breed Tweaks:
+ Added new history sections to the Connemara breed info (the Spanish armada and what happened in reality).
+ Added new coats to the Selle Francais: cream-dilutes, dominant-white, linebacked, and rabicano.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed club fire pit bonuses.
- Added Birthday icons for Buddy and clubby lists.
- Horse ride along should have less camera movement for passengers.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse - Type B Exp Top 10
SkyeNeighbelline Color Match52,267
ArrowsBUB Iron Maiden16,566
Thimblecya. 143113,500
GraniteSELL After Foal13,000
NoticeMeSenpaiFAE+ 1198 16.2 58 58 35 .8011,500
Shaman(-:-) 18.7 33 5311,000
HauntedHallow|HH| Hibiscus9,508
LittleGreyGREY Qveen Herby6,758
WarriorDerp{Der} 1701 G1 16.2 36sd6,500
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Grade Warmblood Sport Horse Exp Top 10
Musemuse. C o l e t t e1,342,052
Nikolainiko. Toji Fushiguro302,882
Musemuse. S p e l l b o u n d218,420
EspeonESP 'I z u m i'205,636
RainbowBright*Bow* M a r i n a187,432
TouchStonemuse. Agathist138,118
SonderReinsMons Trance116,851
Dozydoz. Dalmation108,222
SandManReturns-Doz- Blacky Balu Bluemchen60,108
ThatKai[arc] Lonely54,970
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American Bashkir Curly - Straight Division Exp Top 10
GymGirlRiots 984 Magnolia14,992
ZipZIP. Mosaic Vanilla10,550
Faded988gs pb's foal7,000
ZipZIP. 1008gs-4o6-PrlGrey5,500
TinyFrog:| Cold Foam5,000
ZipZIP. 1029gs-4o6-BrghtBay3,500
PawSum*PS Cataline1,000
PawSumCataline's foal500
PawSumPenelope's foal's500
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Diligencier Percheron Exp Top 10
Epic3E Chantilly Dream64,837
CocoIsLocoCIL Cajun50,410
OrcaORC 1647 18.5 64 31 LM dn17,000
Cathexis| C | P-Dp 17.1 18.2 Felicity16,500
OrcaORC Ecstatic16,042
OrcaORC 1190 15.6 70 37 LM V15,500
OrcaORC 1041 gG15,500
OrcaORC 1176 15.4 70 37 LM15,500
OrcaORC 1624 16.0 79 41 LM12,000
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Shire Exp Top 10
YelhsaEim Royalty215,834
HollyJollyJettyCeIts Hyppytyynytyydytys195,384
ToukonSLS Dimmbra 967186,176
PaintedDreamsNorse Ivar Ragnorsson135,124
HollyJollyJettyNorse Ragnor Lothbrok101,050
HollyJollyJettyNorse Halfdan76,560
BerryTrustYXsAN Angella55,994
ToukonSLS Margot 105751,416
Pepsi*DEW* Trinity50,149
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Dutch Draft Exp Top 10
EluvianELV Cogita54,780
EluvianELV Orchid27,546
ElfGemcIvr Happy21,786
EluvianELV 14.5mph Ebony Blue Corn WM16,500
PigeonsAdora Pacos16,013
EluvianELV 14.2mph Mealy Red Bay WM16,000
RueRuePSTL Blues13,988
StandardRacers.SRS. Lest We Forget12,866
SarcasmSnark Spirit of the Hunt12,744
EluvianBLOOP Hamish12,624
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