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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
Players Currently Online:171 Active Accounts:3458
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.60a    (September 9, 2022)
Additions & Changes:
+ Imbue effect has been removed from horse shoe icons to improve performance.
+ Breed group challenges have been fixed and are now enabled. (Those who clicked completions on them already, keep them, just lose some challenge :) )

New Tricolor Tails
+ Shaved Low / Shaved High
+ Braided
+ Braided and Banged

The 'Iconic Coat' Update:
+ An update dedicated to all the breeds who have iconic coat colors.
+ Some have their coat/breeding rules updated, so read their BBB coat info carefully.

New Breeds:
+ Non-chestnut Black Forest Chestnut (read breeding rules in BBB.)

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout:
+ Black Forest Chestnut (always flaxen chestnut)
+ Boulonnais (usually white-grey; including subtypes)
+ Camarillo White Horse (always white)
+ Fire Friesian (always chestnut)
+ Friesian (always black)

Fire Friesians are here! And a Big Friesian Update
+ Increased the dished profile and ear tip curvature of Friesians for better visibility (you can order them via tokens or breed for it.)
+ Friesians can no longer come in chestnut.
+ Instead, there's a new subtype: Fire Friesian, for chestnut Friesians born to Friesian parents:
> > This means that chestnut Friesian foals will now be identified as Fire Friesians instead of as generic Friesians.
> > Existing chestnut Friesians can be re-identified as Fire Friesians, permanently, at the horse expert as Fire Friesians.
> > If you already have a chestnut Friesian, they will keep their current 'Friesian' registration as long as you don't re-ID them at the horse expert.
> > Read breeding rules in the BBB under the Fire Friesian's page.
+ Unlocked flaxen for Friesians (in accordance wit a real registered Fire Friesian stud.)
+ Fire Friesians can have larger markings than Friesians. This means that you can now breed chesntut Friesians who have snips, stripes, and socks.

Additional Breed Tweaks:
+ Boulonnais horses can now grow longer tails penalty-free (in accordance with newly registered stallions.)
+ Fixed domiannt-black glitch in Quarter and Paint horses (shouldn't affect existing horses.)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed "SnapToTargetTransform" crash that occurred with ride along stacks.
- Fixed mini-map related crash.
- Horse profiles now properly show updates to mane and tail after they are applied at the barber shop.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.59a    (August 25, 2022)
Happy 3rd Anniversary of HI3 Going Live! Thanks Everyone! Here is a Pretty Big Horse Update!

UPDATE: Temporarily disabled the breed group challenges as there is a bug.

Additions & Changes:
+ The camera now shows a warning message if you are about to capture a photo of something already in your album.
+ The AGI Esroh blessing now requires that your horse is moving in addition to being on a slope.
+ Players riding on other player's shoulders now count as passengers on courses.
+ Beginner Bird 2 week horse leases may now be bought out prior to lease expiry for 5k from profile.
> > (For those whose leases already expired, we're sorry they are gone)

New Breed Group Challenges
+ You can now earn Breed Group Challenges if you own all of the required breeds.
+ You can view the challenges on player profiles below Awards.
+ When you believe you have the requirements you must click Attempt on the specific challenge.
+ Leased horses do not count.
+ Once earned the collections reward is permanent.
+ There is a normal Award for achieving the groups.
+ Completing groups earns 200gd and 10qp per number of breeds involved in specific challenge.

New Horse Animations:
+ Fly Stomp Bite
+ Look Around
+ Look Left / Right Variations

New Mane and Tail Styles
+ Several New Tricolor mane and tail variations are available at the barber.

A Gaited Update!
+ Added an explanation about gaited horses to the help file about types of horses: Horses > Types of Horses > Horse Types and Definitions.
+ Added a help file about the inheritance of gaits (GaitKeeper gene + which gaits the foal can inherit): Horses > Heredity > Inheritance of Gait.
+ Updated the BBB info for plenty of gaited breeds (see below.)

Added New Gaited Breeds:
New Horses:
+ Campeiro (beautiful Brazilian breed)
+ Yanqi (a very long-framed horse,) including the subtypes:
> > Mountain Yanqi
> > Plains Yanqi

New Ponies:
+ Chakouyi (12.3 - 13.1hh)
+ Mytilene Pony (11.1 - 11.3hh)
+ Spiti (11.2 - 13.2hh)

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout for the following gaited breeds:
Breeds with a large variety or unique coats:
+ Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (has a pinto sub-registry)
+ Rocky Mountain Horse (usually silver-dapple or flaxen-chestnut)
+ Smokey Valley Horse (tons of colors, can be pinto)
+ Spotted Saddle Horse (always pinto)
+ Tennessee Walking Horse (tons of colors, can be pinto)
+ Walkaloosa (always leopard)

Mules and ponies:
+ Pega Mule (also comes in many colors)
+ Peneia Pony (sometimes gaited)

More Unique Breeds:
+ Cape Boerperd (often gaited)
+ Florida Cracker (sometimes gaited)
+ McCurdy Plantation Horse (including subtypes)
+ Nokota subtypes (sometimes gaited)
+ Rahvan
+ South African Boerperd (sometimes gaited)
+ Tiger Horse (including subtypes)

Spotted Saddle Horse Update:
+ Added info about the conformation and patterns of Spotted Saddle Horses to their BBB entry.
+ Added a new subtypes: Spotted Saddle Horse - Solid Registry, for solid-colored foals born to two Spotted Saddle Horses.
+ This means that those solid-colored foals will now be identified as Solid SSHs instead of as grade gaited horses.
>> Existing solid-colored foals born to two SSHs can now be re-identified at the Horse Expert as Solid SSH.
+ This also means you can now cross SSHs with solid-colored SSHs to get purebred SSHs (instead of 0% pure horses as it was up until now).
+ Read the breeding rules in the BBB for Solid SSHs and regular SSHs for more info.

Walkaloosa Update:
+ Added a new subtypes: Walkaloosa Breeding Stock, for non-leopard foals born to two Walkaloosas.
+ This means that those non-leopard foals will now be identified as WBSs instead of as grade gaited horses.
>> Existing solid- colored foals born to two Walkaloosas can now be re-identified at the Horse Expert as WBSs.
+ This also means you can now cross WBSs with Walkaloosass to get purebred Walkaloosas.
+ Read the breeding rules in the BBB for Walkaloosa Breeding Stock for more info.

Additional Breed Tweaks:
+ McCurdy horses can now have curved eartips in accordance with newly registered stallions (you can order them via tokens or breed for it.)
+ Made socks, stockings, and blazes more common in Hispano-Arabs.
+ Added pictures to, and updated info in, the online BBB for dozens of breeds(including those form last update.)
+ Added conformation info to the Rocky Mountain Horse.
+ Added conformation info to the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Bug Fixes:
- Animated imbuing effect removed from plushie icons in an attempt to fix crashing for players with a large number of plushies.
- Fixed stacked ride-alongs lagging in the middle of the stack when moving.
- Reduced the server traffic produced by stacked ride alongs.
- White-wolf ride along rider pose fixed.
- Esroh blessings no longer create a duplicate horse in super horse preview.
- The kayak supports the bow and stern ride along positions once again.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.58a    (July 22, 2022)
Additions & Changes:
+ Falling trees now have collision disabled to prevent sabotage during races.
+ The frequency of the rearing behavior has been further reduced.
+ Variety in horse behaviors has been improved.
+ A notification has been added for if your placed horse runs away from something scary.
+ Horse base stat chart now shows detailed breakdowns of each stat when cursor is over a column. (plus the total max the horse could ever have in parenthesis)
+ Cruise control now works for ice skates.

Updated mushroom coat names:
+ The coat coloration stays the same. We only updated the naming.
+ 'Mushroom' will now be a prefix instead of a sole coat name.
E.g., a coat will be named 'mushroom cremello' instead of just 'mushroom.'
+ This means that horses who had 'mushroom' coats prior to the update will now have a full coat name listed on their profile.
+ We hope it'll help you differ between the different chestnut-based mushroom coats that exist in the game.

New Plushies:
+ Cactus
+ Red Mushroom
+ Sunflower

New Bonus Stat System:
+ Horses may now earn Esroh Blessings. These are permanent increases to a horses stats. These are granted by the magic of these lands to horses that are enjoyed and ridden a lot. Not many horses will earn full blessings!
+ Blessings may occur when performing the following on a horse:
> > Sprinting provides Speed bonus
> > Following trails or Affinity tracking provides Intelligence bonus
> > Steep slopes or jumping provides Agility bonus
> > Pulling sleds or carts provides Strength bonus
> > Otherwise Normal Riding may get an Endurance bonus
+ Blessings are permanent stat boosts to the horse. Their full +20 point effect is equal to that of max plushies.
+ These show on a horse stat bar now as the "Bonus" value.
+ The first point is 20x easier/faster to earn than the final 20th point.
+ Now a fully blessed, tacked, shoed, genetic, trained horse could get the absolute max 1000pts in a stat.

Ride-Along Expanded:
+ Players can now give shoulder rides by inviting others to ride-along while on foot.
+ When shapeshifting as an animal that is sufficiently large other players can ride-along.

Re-arranged Help Files for Clarity:
+ Information about all the types of equines in the game is now under the Types of Horses category.
+ Information about scrapbooks and rankings is now under the Profiles category.
+ Information about leasing, buying, selling, and training horses is under the new Acquiring and Selling category.
+ Added a new help category: Heredity. It is still WIP, but it will give practical information about:
>> Calculating which genes the foal can inherit.
>> Predicting which coats the foal can have.
>> Picking the best parents to get the ideal foal.
>> And more.

An Update for the Rare Breeds:
+ We received a lot of questions lately about rare breeds in Horse Isle.
+ All of the breeds mentioned below are rare in Horse Isle.
+ We hope the following will help you decide which breeds you prefer to focus on. :)

Added Performance Metrics & Updated BBB info into the new layout:
Rare horses:
+ Bosnian (including subtypes)
+ Iomud (rare for a sport breed)
+ Kushum (including subtypes)
+ Rottal (heavy sport warmblood)
+ Santa Cruz Island Horse (beautiful Spanish-type horse)
+ Xilingol

Rare ponies:
+ Landais Pony (a small 'all-around' pony)
+ Messara Pony (extremely rare)
+ Timor Pony (extremely rare)
+ Sandalwood Pony (extremely rare)

Or, Give a Try to these New [Real] Rare Breeds:
NEW Rare, small horses:
+ Cukurova, including the subtypes:
> > Harness Cukurova
> > Saddle Cukurova
+ Megruli (small, squarish horse)
+ Tushin (small horse with good endurance; sometimes gaited)

NEW Rare, larger horses:
+ Pfalz-Ardenner (heavy draft)
+ Uzunyayla (a long-framed horse)

BBB Breed Info Additions:
+ Added info about the Santa Cruz Island Horse.
+ Added info about the Iomud.
+ Added conformation info to the Sandalwood Pony.
+ Added conformation info to the Timor Pony.
+ Added conformation info to the Xilingol.
+ Expanded breed info about National Park Cross Nokotas + clarified their breeding rules.
+ Expanded 'conformation' section for the Nokota.
+ Added pictures to, and updated info in, the online BBB for dozens of breeds.

Updated the coats/appearance of the following breeds:
+ Rottal horses can now come in non-flaxen chestnut (you can order them via tokens.)
+ Shagya Arabians horses can now come in seal-brown (you can order them via tokens.)
+ Increased the eartip curvature in Nokota horses for better visibility (you can order them via tokens or breed for it.)

Additional Breed Tweaks:
+ Fixed breeding glitch in the Kushum. You can now cross a generic Kushum with its subtypes and get a purebred Kushum foal. [Subtypes still have closed books.]
+ Fixed purebreeding typo in Walkaloosas (doesn't affect any horses, was just a typo in the BBB.)
+ Fixed a bug which prevented solid foals born to two Halter Appaloosa parents from being registered as non-characteristic Appaloosas (instead they were born as Quarter Ponies or AQHs.)
* Solid (non-spotted) "Halter Appaloosa" foals can now be re-identified at the horse expert as Non-characteristic Appaloosas.

Clarification about Base Stats of Non-Horse Equines:
+ Recently, there was a bit of a confusion regarding the base stats of donkeys, zebras, and hybrids.
+ Added a new help file to clarify how base stats work in those equines: Base Stats: Genetic Ranges and Caps (Category: Horses > Stats.)
+ Updated the help files about those equines to include their base stat max cap.
+ If you still have questions about how those stats work, please post them in Horses forum for Pathfinder to see.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed injured horses flying off at super speed when lead rope disconnected.
- Fixed bug causing horse cart passengers to warp away when cart is put away.

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