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Welcome Adventurers
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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
Infinite World to Explore, Infinite Genetic Breeding, Infinite Wilds to catch!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
Players Currently Online:171 Active Accounts:3458
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.67b    (May 11, 2024)
A Few quick fixes for the big update earlier today!

Bug Fixes:
- Two Crash Exceptions Fixed
- Flap sfx fixed
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.67a    (May 11, 2024)
Ooooffffta! Gonna be some bugs in this one! But should be lots of new fun :) Enjoy!

Additions & Changes:
+ Pitcher plants provide a current quantity [55] now.
+ Shoveling dirt/sand/etc provide a current quantity [55] also now.
+ New Jump animation that matches Skyland physics.
+ New ability to crouch-walk! When crouching you will be able to get roughly 20% closer to wilds before spooking them.
+ Essence color now cycles through the rainbow for increased visibility.
+ New "Rump Cam" for zooming in on a horses back end in horse profiles and super token previews.
+ Allow campfires on mountains and sky lands now.
+ Birth notifications limited to one per minute now.
+ Can triple click any of your own chats within 10s to recant. (similar to %recant chat command)
+ Carts now reject overly pregnant and frail horses properly.
+ Trash cans now show a normal sortable inventory list.
+ Welcome Horse no longer comes with amulets. (Due to Abuse) Instead it includes 100 Vet protections to keep the Vet bills away from players for a good long time. (Or one blind desert run)

Mail Delivery Mission Abuse Fixes:
System tweaked due to some players abusing the system to get quicker money than intended.
+ Maximum of One mission per 60 seconds.
+ Must be more than one deliverable location at Post Office.
+ Players YOU Mute still are deliverable (Not players who muted you though)

Notifications System:
+ Notifications and Pow's (Smaller twisting notifications) combined into a boring scrolling notification of left side of screen
+ They combine when any message is duplicated and hasn't begun fading out. (x2, x3, x4, etc.)
+ Changed due to request to stop blocking the center of the screen while competing, etc.

Pegasus Wings:
The discovery of Pegasus feathers in sky lands has enabled folks to learn how to craft Pegasus Wings tack!
+ Wings only work in the SkyLands, but are equip-able on land.
+ On Sky lands they enable horse flight by pressing spacebar for a flap.
+ Craft Normal Pegasus wings after finding 25 feathers in the sky lands OR Purchase via Mobia store.
+ Premium Pegassi wings for sale in Mobia store Include Ice, Fire, Earth, TriTone and Bluejay styles. Dyeable in case want to tweak the main color.
+ Feather Finder Award Added
+ New Distance counter: "Total Distance Pegassing"
+ New Pegassus Wing Craft recipe

Due to new Navigational Techniques, Caves and Skylands are more reachable!:
+ Can now make journal locations and travel between areas.
+ Can now travel directly to a player who is in Cave/Sky while you are not.
+ Can now build campfires/seats in Caves and Skylands.
+ Can now build Courses in Caves/Sky
> > Surrounding Club area still blocked.
> > Added 'No Dustpack' Course Option.
> > Added 'No GrappleBow' Course Option.

Horse Animation Updates:
+ Amble animation has been redone for greater realism.
+ New and improved jump animation sequence.

A New [highly requested] Sport Breed:
+ Malopolski

Minor Morgan Update:
+ Added mealy to Morgans -
>> "Morgan" and "Park-type Morgan" can have up to medium mealy intensity.
>> "Foundation Morgan" can only have minimal mealy.
+ Added 'conformation' section to Morgan breed info.
+ Added performance metrics + updated breed info to new layout.

Additional breed tweaks:
+ Added cream-dilutes, tobiano, and minimal-mealy to the Hanoverian (you can now order them via tokens or breed for them).
+ Added minimal mealy to the Hirzai.
+ Added the KWPN to the Knabstrup's and the Knabstrup Sport Horse's purebreeding lists.
+ Added breed info about the Cow-pony Chianina.
+ Fixed the glitch with the images of Finnhorses in the website's BBB.
+ Updated the website's BBB.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where Skyland gravity would be too strong when logging in directly to Skylands.
- Fixed bug causing player in kayak to stand up when whistling for their horse.
- Fixed Ghost Plushie bug causing a sudden jump in the plushie's position.
- Fixed index out of range crash that occurred when clicking on the emoticon panel.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.66c    (December 19, 2023)
All known bugs fixed from the big Holiday Update! Hopefully nothing but fun now.

Dustpack Changes:
+ Was 100gd for 100 fuel units, now it's 250gd for 300units. (just to reduce transactions, and you get more vroom).
+ (fuel is not lost when switching equipment, only logging off)
+ Extended contrails from 20s to 30s
- Dustpack contrail snap glitch fixed.
- Dustpack forward Up arrow now stays relative to player rather than camera during cam rotations.
- Dustpack makes efforts to keep the dustpack player pose and make sure equipment color set every 5 seconds now.

Misc Bug Fixes:
- Magic the gathered counter should work now.
- Wilds in water rescued.
- Land essence mismatched fixed.
- Hang glider low air drag restored.
- Esroh Debug IDs removed from camera:)
- Wild horses no longer pretend to be esrohs in camera.
- Timber trainer and store signs work now.
- Timber Clock tower shrunk down to reasonable size
- Timber Clock tower roof matches other buildings now.
- New Club Gates match fence colors now.
- Admin can now grab folks from Land into Sky biome without server denying rudely. so rude.
- Ancient Horse Whistling bug fixed where super low odds of a horse not capturable and poofing.

Hucul Exp Top 10
Naginata'Un' Tuzes315,743
SapphireMarePZHK* Prima273,742
Naginata'Un' Fortunate Son208,174
JumpBunnyPZHK* Mina173,502
SapphireMareSapph Uszatek118,460
UnseelieHUCUL Sarmatian113,135
Unseelie'Un' Indiana56,136
SapphireMareSapph Daga51,600
Rainstorm'Un' Dancing Flames39,766
Unseelie'Un' Sugar Rush31,172
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Saddle Cukurova Exp Top 10
DappledBrumby:KLG: Beech11,182
DesertAngelHvn Not my Moment9,500
SummerRainSRF 15.4 lace's foal500
GeraltSaddle Cukurova500
SummerRainSRF 15.1 dapple500
SummerRainSRF 15.3 40.66 flea on brown's foal500
SummerRainSRF 15.3500
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Colored Racehorse Exp Top 10
RiataKITA Calida10,953,014
Rem.ic. . Tatsumaki .2,320,807
Arcane[arc] draven1,448,896
IdealFantasy.ic. Gaston1,445,019
Cat.Cat. Capone1,247,235
Theran|ran| - .rinderpest. -1,133,404
Theran|ran| - .voyager. -1,124,184
Nikolainiko. Ichigo1,006,290
Theran|ran| - .nouzen. -899,967
Theran|ran| - .sharingan. -581,150
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American Mammoth Jackstock Exp Top 10
Nikolainiko. Edgar Allan Poe150,200
DoraZzz Clair De Lune137,709
DoraxLUDA Cruella114,586
NikitaKITA Levina46,000
Cathexis| C | AmJ Phenomenon 45k45,860
MiyukiYuki Nutella35,500
AmolDINO_ toothbrush24,797
NorthernHorizonsDINO_ Ace of Spades24,168
PepperMintDINO_ Shiftweave23,194
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Russian Trotter Exp Top 10
Nikolainiko. Dostoyevsky253,050
MiyukiMiyu RT 20.0mph 67ts 31sd-w1248,500
MiyukiMiyu RT 19.9mph 68ts 32sd-w1346,500
MiyukiYuki Casseopia43,500
MiyukiMiyu RT 19.9mph 69ts 32sd-w1940,000
MiyukiMiyu RT 20.2mph 68ts 33sd-w13.633,000
StrawberryFrog*SF* Amino Acid30,086
MiyukiMiyu RT 20.2mph 69ts 33sd-w1825,000
MiyukiMiyu RT 20.2mph 6.11jp 33sd-w4924,500
JackLoverFATJ Moon and Stars24,236
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American Saddlebred Exp Top 10
GrayFoxGR4Y Revacholiere116,364
Blaze|-B-| Mushu92,234
FishyBubbles[:=:] Move Mountains81,530
Blaze|-B-| Zamborian77,094
BerryTrustYXsAN Orianna66,093
TiaSS S a k u r a53,256
BunnyCatViva Las Vengeance52,178
SoftInkSpotsSCS Vibe Check51,643
AllyaIIy Bone Carver39,990
Blaze|-B-| Fade To Black38,540
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