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Horse Isle 3 - Infinite Wilds!
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HI3: Infinite Wilds!    (Come join the adventure!)
Welcome to the newest in our series of family friendly games made for horse fanatics! Clean, nonviolent fun, with some education tossed in! Grand adventure and real world horse genetics await you in this, our third installment.

HI3 is fully 3D, yet retains the unique charm of the previous games. Your horse's performance and actual look are based on its genetics, just like the real world. No two horses look or behave alike. Come discover your special horses!

Along the way, make friends with some of our great playerbase. HI3 players are helpful and fun folks! This is a special place :)

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Infinite Wilds: Infinite World, Infinite Wild Horses & Infinite Horse Genetics Combinations!
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NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.36a    (January 13, 2021)
Additions & Changes:
+ Crashing? Experimental memory cache clear feature added. Select "Ram Reduction" near bottom in your settings under wrench icon. It may add a lag every couple minutes, but may also reduce out-of-resource crashes. If you never have crashing problems, it will probably be no benefit.
+ Logging improved for Player Stores - All transactions are added to "Event Log" with a "STORE" prefix.
+ 1200 Maximum horses may now be extended to 1500 through additional permanent Mobia unlocks.
> > The absolute max horses now come from: 300 free, +500 sub, +700 mobia unlocks. (requiring barn space also)

See Horse? Seahorse!!:
+ Expensive Seahorse mount (Equipment) now available! 25,000 Essence.
+ Move faster underwater and hold depth.
+ Use crouch (C) to sink, and jump to raise.
+ You need to start underwater with underwater helmet.
+ Shortcut:% added for seahorse. (Press 0 for helmet first to sink)

New Breeds: Barbs are here! (READ breeding & color rules in BBB)
+ Barb
+ Barb-Arab (Barb x Arabian)
+ Spanish Barb (Barb x Andalusian)
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.35d    (January 7, 2021)
Additions & Changes:
+ your Horse listings show [Saddled] instead of just [Tack] when applies.
+ Reduced far Quick Travel costs by half.
+ Maximum Quick Travel Reduction Reduced by half. (half a bar for nonsub, 1/6 for sub)
+ Shooting stars no longer block player movement.

Donkey Correction:
+ Donkeys with RnRn and Ws or mama no longer turn grey with high dapple strength.
+ If you owned a light grey donkey, it may be white after this update.
+ If you ordered a light grey donkey for the coloring and it changed, you may return it (losing donkey) for a refund by contacting support if unhappy (include hid).
+ This does not affect the white mosaic donkeys.

New Trader System:
+ Each day visited traders are added to the index automatically.
+ Index viewable via Shopping board and newspaper.

A New Crossbred:
+ Imperial Heritage Horse (Friesian x Knab/Appy, read rules in BBB)
> > NOTE: please check the new coat-colors layout in the breed info, and write your opinion in the "BBB Color/Height Info" thread in Horses forum.

Bug Fixes:
- Markings on white donkeys no longer enabled (May have been slightly visible).
- Fix for WearTack null reference exception crash.
- Potential fix for lasso going into bugged state when starting throw.
- A few dye color name removals.
- Western Pad no longer clips into back on Large Southern Yakuts.
NEWS: HI3 Client Update v.35c    (December 30, 2020)
We focused on bugs for this update. Managed to slip in a new minigame though!

Additions & Changes:
+ The lasso is no longer put away after a course obstacle is lassoed.
+ Dark forest Fog view distance increased 50%
+ Clarified store Mobia and item stocking text for buying and selling.
+ Added store stocked item sale transactions logging to sellers.
+ New [Deceased] log view from bottom of HORSES page.
+ Added kinder, random messages if online while a horse passes.
+ Added a notice if you log in and horses have passed right above the "You have mail" check.
+ Prevent most cases of horse whistling over ice.
+ Add a quest popup upon crediting a shooting star if you are on a collect-star player made mission.
+ Prevent tags in certification names, removed existing color tags
+ Partial alphabetical listing of clubs option now. (A-E)

New Puzzle Game:
+ Tree Rings! Find them around the Alpine Biomes.
+ Hopefully you wont get "Stumped"... sorry.
+ Added SHIFT+Click to reverse rotation for Tree ring, Number Lock and Turtle Shell games.

Added More Info To BBB For:
+ Asinara Donkey
+ Belgian Mule
+ Poitou Donkey

A New Miniature Pony:
+ Brazilian Pony

New Mule Breeds: (READ breeding & color rules in BBB)
+ American Cream Draft Mule
+ Appaloosa Mule
+ Poitevin Mule

Bug Fixes:
- Transmutio Amulet prevented from transforming donkeys to mules
- Blanket adjusted to fit donkeys properly.
- Plushie positioning fixed for donkeys.
- All tack that rests on the forehead adjusted to fit donkeys (Unicorn hat/Bridles/etc..)
- Prevent cave dwellers from winning "Highest Terrain" server game.
- There is no longer a one second lag in control after lassoing a course obstacle.
- Fix for object not set crash for certain instruments.

Koheilan Arabian Exp Top 10
Lycanthrope(^^^) Azura7,054
RavenBranwenraven Winter6,540
EntityTenET Frilly5,852
TheLibrarianEVO Yasmine -1031-3,057
StrangeTrails% Lightning Ridge2,000
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Missouri Fox Trotter Exp Top 10
CreeperSushiSushi Never Behind14,220
DynamicFluffBirdCrim Will you communicate by morse?605
WingsOfEaglesCrim Foxy335
SaharMissouri Fox Trotter259
WingsOfEaglesWOE Paris250
BlindWolf-BW- Sinbad63
OrogenyORO 1025 Verse10
View Top 100
Don Exp Top 10
Varvar Sir Galahad IV63,308
Arcane:I: cam11,054
Mono{*} kenma9,634
FableFABLE Quetzalcoatl8,713
JuniperGreenJune Leap of Faith8,713
OnyxForeverWEC Dusk Til Don8,630
Lysithea*+}' Sou8,462
VarLate October Night7,773
Kebab1059 16.6 Matrona6,761
TheFox~^.^~ Romanticore6,290
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Grade Cob Exp Top 10
EluvianELV Gold Drops' foal8,500
EluvianELV Lotus' foal8,500
EluvianELV Moon Shade's foal8,500
EluvianELV Lotus' foal8,500
EzekielRDZ Oceana3,500
PlacidPasoPaso 841. Gypsy3,275
CandyLandRDZ Lorarila3,250
TheFox^FOX^ z3,011
PlacidPasoPaso 961. Gypsy Monster2,848
Jax.J. 1167 Vanessa 14.7 v2,756
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Anglo-Danubian Exp Top 10
AlbinoNightmare*AN*~ Samara12,255
JinWayv 1020 16.7 66 5.82 56.98 37.638,256
JinWayv 1284 19.1 70 5.85 66.19 36.576,250
JinWayv Double Knot5,900
JinWayv 1120 18.4 71 5.80 60.23 37.635,500
JinWayv 1157 18.0 72 5.74 67.65 38.655,500
JinWayv 1312 19.0 69 5.81 60.06 34.025,500
JinWayv 1382 19.3 73 5.93 60.10 34.49!4,500
JinWayv 1327 19.3 76 5.90 65.02 38.754,250
JinWayv 1022 17.8 70 5.77 67.04 39.724,000
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Sorraia Exp Top 10
RhoWATR 1018 0 15.23,506
Imperfections*/ii Kuratahi2,520
RhoRx 1029 20 15.01,750
RhoRx 1043 20 15.11,000
RhoRx 1014 20 15.01,000
HayloH*. Sorraia1,000
RhoRx 1051 15.41,000
RhoRx 1027 20 15.41,000
Rho961 0 14.9843
RhoRx 1059 15.4500
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