Horse Isle 3: Big Book of Breeds
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Big Book of Breeds
Our Massive Real World Equine Reference!

Horse Isle 3 has fully genetic horses in order to achieve as much realism as we could. All of our horses differ in a multitude of ways. The following is our research into the real world horses that we have incorporated into our world.

Horse [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

Abaco Barb (imgs)
Aegidienberger (imgs)
Agaba Dark Horse (imgs)
Akhal-Teke (imgs)
Akhal-Teke Sport Horse
Alt Wurttemberg
Alt-Oldenburg (imgs)
Altai (imgs)
Alter Real
American Bashkir Curly (imgs)
American Bashkir Curly - Straight Division
American Brabant
American Cream Draft (imgs)
American Creme and White Horse (imgs)
American Creme Horse (imgs)
American Dutch Harness Horse (imgs)
American Miniature Horse (imgs)
American Mustang (imgs)
American Paint Halter Horse (imgs)
American Paint Horse (imgs)
American Paint Race Horse (imgs)
American Paint Stock Horse (imgs)
American Quarter Halter Horse (imgs)
American Quarter Horse (imgs)
American Quarter Pony (imgs)
American Quarter Race Horse (imgs)
American Quarter Stock Horse (imgs)
American Saddlebred (imgs)
American Shetland (imgs)
American Walking Pony (imgs)
American Warmblood (imgs)
American White Horse (imgs)
Andalire (imgs)
Andaloosa (imgs)
Andalutois (imgs)
Andean (imgs)
Andravida (imgs)
Anglo-Arab (imgs)
Anglo-Danubian (imgs)
Anglo-Kabarda (imgs)
Anglo-Trakehner (imgs)
Appaloosa (imgs)
Appendix Horse (imgs)
Appendix McCurdy Plantation Horse (imgs)
Appendix Quarter Horse (imgs)
Arabian (imgs)
Arabo-Boulonnais (imgs)
Arabo-Friesian (imgs)
Arabo-Haflinger (imgs)
Arabo-Trakehner (imgs)
Ardennais (imgs)
Arenberg-Nordkirchen (imgs)
Argentine Criollo (imgs)
Argentine Polo Pony (imgs)
Arravani (imgs)
Artistic Baroque (imgs)
Artistic Sporthorse (imgs)
Australian Draught Horse (imgs)
Australian Pony (imgs)
Australian Stock Horse (imgs)
Austrian Haflinger (imgs)
Austrian Pinto Riding Horse (imgs)
Austrian Riding Pony (imgs)
Austrian Warmblood (imgs)
Auvergne (imgs)
Auxois (imgs)
Avelignese (imgs)
Azteca (imgs)
Baca Chica
Baladi (imgs)
Ban Ei (imgs)
Barb (imgs)
Barock Pinto
Baroque Knabstrup
Barraquand (imgs)
Bashkir (imgs)
Basic Kabarda (imgs)
Basic Karachai (imgs)
Bavarian Warmblood (imgs)
Belgian (imgs)
Belgian Halfblood
Belgian Riding Pony (imgs)
Belgian Warmblood
Black Forest Chestnut (imgs)
Black Kladruby (imgs)
Bosnian (imgs)
Boulonnais (imgs)
Brazilian Crioulo
Brazilian Pony (imgs)
Brazilian Sport Horse (imgs)
British Appaloosa
British Miniature Horse
British Riding Pony (imgs)
British Spotted Miniature Pony
British Spotted Pony
British Spotted Pony - Solid Color
British Spotted Pony of Cob Type
British Spotted Riding Pony
British Warmblood (imgs)
Brumby (imgs)
Burguete (imgs)
Camarillo White Horse (imgs)
Camarillo White Horse - Non-white division (imgs)
Campeiro (imgs)
Canadian Rustic Pony (imgs)
Canadian Sport Horse (imgs)
Canadian Sport Pony (imgs)
Canadian Warmblood (imgs)
Canik (imgs)
Cape Boerperd (imgs)
Carneddau Pony (imgs)
Carolina Marsh Tacky (imgs)
Carthusian (imgs)
Castillon (imgs)
Cerbat Mustang
Chakouyi (imgs)
Chernomor (imgs)
Chilean (imgs)
Chincoteague Pony
Chola (imgs)
Chumbivilcas (imgs)
Classic American Shetland (imgs)
Cleveland Bay (imgs)
Coffin Bay Brumby (imgs)
Colombian Paso Fino
Colorado Ranger
Colored Racehorse
Connemara (imgs)
Corsican (imgs)
Costa Rican Saddle Horse (imgs)
Cow-pony Chianina (imgs)
Cow-pony Highland (imgs)
Cow-pony Holstein (imgs)
Cow-pony Omby (imgs)
Crabbetbred Arabian (imgs)
Croatian Coldblood (imgs)
Cuban Paso Fino
Cukurova (imgs)
Curly Sporthorse (imgs)
Curly Sporthorse - Smooth Division (imgs)
Czech Warmblood
Dales Pony (imgs)
Danish Sport Pony (imgs)
Danish Warmblood
Danubian (imgs)
Dareshuri (imgs)
Dartmoor Pony
Deliboz (imgs)
Desert Mongolian
Desert Norman (imgs)
Diligencier Percheron
Dole Trotter
Drum Horse
Dulmen Pony (imgs)
Dutch Draft (imgs)
Dutch Riding Horse
Dutch Riding Horse and Pony
Dutch Riding Pony
Dutch Tuigpaard
Dutch Warmblood
Egyptian Arabian (imgs)
Einsiedler (imgs)
Eriskay Pony
Esperia Pony (imgs)
Estonian Native Horse
European Brabant
Exmoor (imgs)
Falabella (imgs)
Fell Pony (imgs)
Finnhorse (imgs)
Finnish Sport Pony (imgs)
Finnish Warmblood (imgs)
Fire Friesian (imgs)
Flemish (imgs)
Fleuve (imgs)
Florida Cracker (imgs)
Forest Mongolian
Foundation American Shetland (imgs)
Foundation Appaloosa (imgs)
Foundation Barock
Foundation Morgan
Foundation Quarter Horse (imgs)
Franches Montagnes
French Chaser (imgs)
French Riding Pony (imgs)
French Trotter (imgs)
Friesian (imgs)
Friesian Sporthorse (imgs)
Friesian White Horse (imgs)
Friesian White Horse - Non-white Division (imgs)
Galiceno (imgs)
Garrano (imgs)
Georgian Grande
German Riding Pony (imgs)
Glasinacki Bosnian (imgs)
Grade Baroque Horse
Grade Cob
Grade Cold-blooded Horse
Grade Cow-pony
Grade Draft Horse
Grade Draft Pony
Grade European Hotblood
Grade Fine Harness Horse
Grade Fine Harness Pony
Grade Gaited Saddle Horse
Grade Horse
Grade Hot-blooded Horse
Grade Miniature Horse
Grade Miniature Pony
Grade North American Stock Horse
Grade Oriental Hotblood
Grade Pleasure Horse
Grade Pleasure Pony
Grade Pony
Grade Sport Pony
Grade Trotter Horse
Grade Warm-blooded Horse
Grade Warmblood Sport Horse
Grand Gypsy Vanner
Grey Kladruby (imgs)
Grey Spotted Sport Horse (imgs)
Greytallic Moorland (imgs)
Groningen (imgs)
Guanzhong (imgs)
Gypsian (imgs)
Gypsy Vanner
Gypsy Vanner Cob
Gypsy Vanner Pony
Hackney (imgs)
Hackney Horse (imgs)
Hackney Pony (imgs)
Haflinger (imgs)
Halla (imgs)
Halter Appaloosa (imgs)
Hanoverian (imgs)
Harness Cukurova (imgs)
Heavenly Tiger Horse (imgs)
Heavy Datong
Heavy Dole
Heavy Draft Breton
Heavy Kushum (imgs)
Heavy Lokai
Heavy Posavac (imgs)
Heavy Voronezh Coach Horse (imgs)
Heavy Waler (imgs)
Henson (imgs)
Highland Pony
Hirzai (imgs)
Hispano-Breton (imgs)
Hokkaido Pony
Hungarian Coldblood (imgs)
Hungarian Sport Horse (imgs)
Hungarian Sport Pony (imgs)
Iberian Warmblood (imgs)
Imperial Heritage Horse (imgs)
Indian Half-bred
Intermediate Voronezh Coach Horse (imgs)
Iomud (imgs)
Irish Draught
Irish Sport Horse
Israeli Local Horse (imgs)
Italian Heavy Draft (imgs)
Jaca Navarra (imgs)
Java Pony (imgs)
Jeju (imgs)
Jutland (imgs)
Kabarda (imgs)
Karachai (imgs)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (imgs)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse - Type A (imgs)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse - Type B (imgs)
Kerry Bog Pony (imgs)
Kiger Mustang
Kinsky (imgs)
Kisber-Felver (imgs)
Kiso (imgs)
Kladruby (imgs)
Knabstrup Pony
Knabstrup Sport Horse
Koheilan Arabian (imgs)
Konik (imgs)
Kushum (imgs)
Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony (imgs)
Landais Pony (imgs)
Large Belgian Riding Pony (imgs)
Large Boulonnais (imgs)
Large Nonius (imgs)
Large Zhemaichu (imgs)
Larger Southern Yakut (imgs)
Latvian Draft (imgs)
Latvian Riding Horse
Latvian Sport Horse
Lehmkuhlener (imgs)
Leutstettener (imgs)
Light Datong
Light Lokai
Light Posavac (imgs)
Light Voronezh Coach Horse (imgs)
Light Waler (imgs)
Lithuanian Heavy Draft (imgs)
Ljutomer Trotter (imgs)
Local Moldovan (imgs)
Losina (imgs)
Lundy Pony
Lusitano Horse
Mallorquin (imgs)
Mangalarga Marchador
Mangalarga Paulista
Maremmano Migliorato
Massive Heavy Draft
Massive Kabarda (imgs)
Massive Karachai (imgs)
McCurdy Plantation Horse (imgs)
Medium Waler (imgs)
Megruli (imgs)
Menorquin (imgs)
Merens (imgs)
Messara Pony (imgs)
Mezen (imgs)
Middle Kolyma Yakut (imgs)
Mini Shetland
Miniature Gypsy Vanner
Miniature Knabstrup
Misaki (imgs)
Mismarked Cleveland Bay (imgs)
Mismarked Cleveland Bay - Chestnut Division (imgs)
Missouri Fox Trotter (imgs)
Missouri Fox Trotter Horse (imgs)
Missouri Fox Trotter Pony (imgs)
Miyako (imgs)
Modern American Shetland (imgs)
Modern Appaloosa (imgs)
Modern Franches Montagnes
Modern Oldenburg (imgs)
Modern Wurttemberg
Mogod Pony (imgs)
Monchino (imgs)
Moravian Warmblood
Morochuco (imgs)
Mountain Bashkir (imgs)
Mountain Mongolian
Mountain Pottok (imgs)
Mountain Yanqi (imgs)
Muniqi Arabian (imgs)
Murakoz (imgs)
Murgese (imgs)
Mytilene Pony (imgs)
Namib Desert Horse (imgs)
National Park Cross Nokota (imgs)
National Show Horse (imgs)
New Forest Pony
New Silesian
Newfoundland Pony
Nez Perce Horse
Nokota (imgs)
Noma (imgs)
Non-characteristic Appaloosa (imgs)
Non-chestnut Black Forest Chestnut (imgs)
Nonius (imgs)
Norman Cob (imgs)
North American Sportpony (imgs)
North Swedish Farm Horse
North Swedish Horse
North Swedish Trotter
Northlands Horse
Norwegian Fjord (imgs)
Norwegian Warmblood (imgs)
Novoaleksandrov Russian Heavy Draft
Old Franches Montagnes
Old Silesian
Oldenburg (imgs)
Orlov Trotter (imgs)
Orlov-Rostopchin (imgs)
Pacer Standardbred (imgs)
Pangare Brumby (imgs)
Park-type Morgan
Paso Fino
Pechora (imgs)
Peneia Pony (imgs)
Percheron Draft
Persian Arabian
Peruvian Paso
Petiso Argentino (imgs)
Pfalz-Ardenner (imgs)
Pindos Pony (imgs)
Pintabian (imgs)
Pintabian Breeding Stock (imgs)
Piquira Pony (imgs)
Plains Yanqi (imgs)
Pleasure Quarab
Podveleski Bosnian (imgs)
Poitevin (imgs)
Polish Arabian (imgs)
Polish Draft (imgs)
Pony of the Americas
Pony-sized Finnhorse (imgs)
Posavac (imgs)
Postier Breton
Pottok (imgs)
Prairie Pottok (imgs)
Priangan (imgs)
Pryor Mountain Mustang
Przewalski's Horse
Puerto Rican Paso Fino
Pure Spanish Horse
Quantock Pony
Racking Horse (imgs)
Rahvan (imgs)
Ranch Nokota (imgs)
Red Kladruby (imgs)
Restoration Tarpan (imgs)
Rhenish German Coldblood (imgs)
Riding Finnhorse (imgs)
Rocky Mountain Horse (imgs)
Roman Horse of Maremma in Lazio
Rottal (imgs)
Royalty Tiger Horse (imgs)
Russian Heavy Draft
Russian Trotter (imgs)
Sable Island Horse (imgs)
Saddle Cukurova (imgs)
Saddle Kabarda (imgs)
Saddle Karachai (imgs)
Saddle Kushum (imgs)
San Fratello
Sandalwood Pony (imgs)
Santa Cruz Island Horse (imgs)
Saqlawi Arabian (imgs)
Sardinian Anglo-Arab
Schleswig (imgs)
Selle Francais (imgs)
Senne (imgs)
Shagya Arabian
Shetland Pony (imgs)
Shire (imgs)
Shire Sporthorse
Sindhi (imgs)
Skyros Pony (imgs)
Slovak Sport Pony (imgs)
Slovak Warmblood (imgs)
Small Belgian Riding Pony (imgs)
Small Boulonnais (imgs)
Small German Riding Horse (imgs)
Small Nonius (imgs)
Smaller Southern Yakut (imgs)
Smokey Valley Horse (imgs)
Sokolski (imgs)
Solid Andaloosa (imgs)
Sorraia Mustang (imgs)
South African Boerperd (imgs)
South African Miniature Horse (imgs)
Spanish Barb
Spanish Mustang
Spanish Norman (imgs)
Spiti (imgs)
Spotted Draft Horse
Spotted Draft Horse - Solid Class
Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse - Type A (imgs)
Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse - Type B (imgs)
Spotted Saddle Horse (imgs)
Spotted Saddle Horse - Solid Registry (imgs)
Standardbred (imgs)
Stationbred (imgs)
Steppe Bashkir (imgs)
Steppe Mongolian
Stock Quarab
Straight Quarab
Suffolk Punch (imgs)
Suflinger (imgs)
Sugarbush Harlequin Draft (imgs)
Sulphur Springs Mustang
Sumba Pony (imgs)
Sumbawa Pony
Swedish Ardennais
Swedish Riding Pony (imgs)
Swedish Warmblood (imgs)
Swiss Warmblood (imgs)
Syrian (imgs)
Sztumski (imgs)
Taishu (imgs)
Teke Turkmen
Tennessee Walking Horse (imgs)
Tersky (imgs)
Thoroughbred - Hunter Type
Thoroughbred - Sprinter Type
Thoroughbred - Stayer Type
Tiger Horse (imgs)
Timor Pony (imgs)
Tokara (imgs)
Toric (imgs)
Toric Sport Horse (imgs)
Traditional Irish Horse
Traditional Nokota (imgs)
Trait du Nord
Trakehner (imgs)
Trocha y Galope
Trote y Galope
Trotter Finnhorse (imgs)
Trotter Standardbred (imgs)
Tushin (imgs)
Ukrainian Saddle Horse (imgs)
Ural Russian Heavy Draft
Uzunyayla (imgs)
Venezuelan Criollo
Vladimir Heavy Draft
Voronezh Coach Horse (imgs)
Vyatka (imgs)
Waler (imgs)
Waler Pony (imgs)
Walkaloosa (imgs)
Walkaloosa Breeding Stock (imgs)
Welara Sport Pony
Welsh Cob
Welsh Mountain Pony
Welsh Pony
Welsh Pony and Cob
Welsh Pony of Cob Type
Welshland (imgs)
Westphalian Horse
Westphalian Pony
Wilbur-Cruce Mustang
Work Finnhorse (imgs)
Xilingol (imgs)
Yakut (imgs)
Yanqi (imgs)
Yonaguni (imgs)
Yunnan (imgs)
Zangersheide (imgs)
Zante Horse (imgs)
Zhemaichu (imgs)

Mule [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

Amber Mule (imgs)
American Cream Draft Mule
Appaloosa Mule
Belgian Mule
Draft Mule
Heavy Pyrenean Mule - Breton Type
Heavy Pyrenean Mule - Percheron Type
Light Pyrenean Mule
Medium Pyrenean Mule - Castillon Type
Medium Pyrenean Mule - Merens Type
Miniature Mule
Noirquin Mule (imgs)
Pega Mule (imgs)
Percheron Mule
Poitevin Mule
Pyrenean Mule
Saddle Mule

Donkey [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

American Mammoth Jackstock (imgs)
Asinara Donkey (imgs)
Austro-Hungarian Albino Donkey (imgs)
Bourbonnais Breeding Stock (imgs)
Bourbonnais Donkey (imgs)
Catalan Donkey (imgs)
Dark American Mammoth Jackstock (imgs)
Gascon Donkey (imgs)
Grade Large Standard Donkey
Grade Mammoth Donkey
Grade Miniature Donkey
Grade Standard Donkey
Grand Noir du Berry Donkey (imgs)
Long-framed Mini-donkey
Pega Donkey (imgs)
Poitou Donkey (imgs)
Pyrenean Donkey (imgs)
Pyrenean Donkey Breeding Stock (imgs)
Short-framed Mini-donkey
Sorrel American Mammoth Jackstock (imgs)

Zebra [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

Burchell's Zebra (imgs)
Cape Mountain Zebra (imgs)
Grevy's Zebra (imgs)
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra (imgs)
Mountain Zebra (imgs)
Plains Zebra (imgs)
Rau Quagga (imgs)

Donkra [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]


Hinny [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

Draft Hinny
Miniature Hinny
Saddle Hinny

Hebra [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]


Zedonk [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]


Zorse [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]

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