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An 'American Bashkir Curly - Straight Division' is any smooth-coated horse who was born to two curly American Bashkir Curlies, or to one curly American Bashkir Curly and one straight-coated American Bashkir Curly.

The 'Straight Division' is reserved only for foals of American Bashkir Curlies who didn't inherit the curly gene. Therefore, horses of this division cannot be crossed with each other and still produce 'American Bashkir Curly - Straight Division' offspring.

Horses in this group can serve as breeding stock for breeding American Bashkir Curlies when crossed with American Bashkir Curlies who have curly coats.

Conformation and performance:
Non-characteristic Appaloosas have the same conformation and performance metrics as regular Appaloosas. See the 'Appaloosa' for more info.

Coats & Height:
Colors & patterns: all colors and patterns except for mushroom, dominant black, and manchado.

Height: 13.3hh to 16hh.

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