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Big Book of Breeds
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The American Cream Draft Mule ('ACD Mule' for short) is a draft mule breed, that is created when a sorrel American Mammoth Jackstock jack is crossed with an American Cream Draft mare.

ACD Mules have the same coat as American Cream Drafts, but their conformation is lighter than that of their dam. When comparing the two, the ACD Mule has a longer head, longer ears, a shallower girth, and longer legs, and is therefore lighter than its heavy draft dam.

In terms of color, however, ACD Mules have the same color as their dam. As such, they come only in golden or ivory champagne, and the coat is solid and has a light tone to it. In terms of height, in Horse Isle, ACD Mules stand between 14hh and 16.3hh.

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