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American Creme and White Horse Cremello Coat (left view)
Cremello Coat (left view)
American Creme and White Horse Perlino Coat (normal view)
Perlino Coat (normal view)

American Creme and White Horse Cremello Coat (front view)
Cremello Coat (front view)
American Creme and White Horse Cremello Coat (right view)
Cremello Coat (right view)

The American Creme and White Horse (also 'American Cream and White,' 'ACWH' for short,) is an American 'color' breed that comes in dominant-white, cremello, and perlino, and is not restricted into having a specific conformation or having a specific lineage. However, this wasn't always the case, and originally this breed came only in dominant-white and out of a single foundation sire.

Progeny of a King:
The foundation sire of the American Creme and White breed was Old King, a possibly Morgan and Arab crossbred who was born in 1908 who had a dominant-white coat. Nine years later, in 1917, he was purchased by Caleb and Hudson Thompson, who crossed him with Morgan mares to create a new, white-coated breed.

In 1936, Caleb married Ruth Hackenberg [Thompson], and the two took the newly formed breed up to the next level. First, they named the breed American Albino Horse (as back then it was thought that the white coat is the result of albinism.) In addition, they trained their horses to perform tricks on both the ground and under saddle, both with and without tack, and embarked on tours all over the USA.

A year later, in 1937, they started a registry for their breed in order to record the names and pedigrees of all of their horses. In 1938, they established the White Horse Ranch in Naper, Nebraska, where they raised their horses, and from which they managed their breeding program.

The new breed quickly gained popularity, and the Thompsons trained young riders to ride and show their horses, while they themselves focused on the breeding of the herd, whose members were all descendants of Old King. During the 1940s, some of the horses were sold to famous people, while others starred in movies, and performed in festivities and parades, thus gaining more fame to the American Albino Horse.

Opening the studbook:
At some point, the Thompsons opened their registry for all horses with pink skin and a white coat, including ponies and draft horses. During the 1970s, the registry opened a special division for cremello and perlino horses, and renamed the breed into the American White Horse and American Creme Horse, which was eventually shortened to the 'American Creme and White Horse.'

The ACWH today:
Even after the Thompsons passed away (Caleb in 1963, and Ruth in 1990), the American Creme and White Horse was not abandoned, and horses of this breed were bred by individual breeders. In 1990, the White Horse Ranch was recognized as a historic place in Nebraska. During the 2000s, the ranch itself was closed, but a museum to commemorate it was established in Naper.

Today, the American Creme and White is regarded as a versatile horse that is used for both riding and driving.

Because every white/cremello/perlino horse is allowed to be registered, American Creme and White Horses can be gaited in Horse Isle, although it is rare.

The American Creme and White breed is divided into two sub-registries: one for dominant-white horses, and one for cremello-or-perlino horses. Crossing the two types is allowed, and the foal will be registered according to their coat color.

Unlike most other horse breeds, and as of 2021, the American Creme and White doesn't have a set 'characteristic' conformation, and doesn't have an official conformation standard. The only requirement is that horses will have an appropriate coat color.

The conformation of American Cremes and Whites in Horse Isle is modeled after the conformation that the Thompsons' horses had. It is characterized by a straight profile, a long and arched neck, a short back, a sloped croup, and a somewhat narrow girth. The legs are clear from feathering, and the mane-and-tail are medium or long in length and can be wavy.

Coats & Height:
Colors: dominant-white, cremello, and, more rarely, perlino.
Additionals: Flaxen. The coat is always solid.
Height: 14hh to 15.3hh
American Creme and White Horse White Coat
White Coat
American Creme and White Horse Flaxen Cremello Coat
Flaxen Cremello Coat

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