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The Andean is a Peruvian breed of a small saddle horse, that is sometimes gaited.

As the name suggests, the Andean was developed in the Andes, which is a range of mountains that can be as tall as 6,700 meters above sea-level. While most horse breeds struggle to cope with such altitudes because of the thin air and low temperatures, the Andean is acclimated to this environment, and thrives in these mountains. For example, Andean horses have a thick coat that protects them from the cold. Furthermore, their lung capacity is greater than that of most other horse breeds, which helps them cope with the thin air, and prevents them from experiencing shortness of breath even when galloping.

Andean horses have exceptional endurance, and are strong enough to climb steep mountains at ease while carrying a rider and their cargo. Another advantage of Andean horses is that most of them are gaited, and are therefore comfortable to ride, so they are usually used for transportation. In addition, Andean horses are also able to canter and gallop in the mountains, despite the high altitudes. Therefore, they are often raced against each other, and these races are extremely popular in Peru.

There are three subtypes of Andean: the Morochuco, who is small on average but strong for its size; the Chumbivilcas, who is taller and more agile; and the Chola, who is small but sturdy. All of these three subtypes can be found in Horse Isle.

While each subtype has unique conformation traits, all the three still share some conformation characteristics. These include a large head with a subconvex or convex profile, a short and muscular neck, a narrow body, and small hooves.

Andean horses come in the colors of bay, black, brown, chestnut, and, more rarely, gray, dun, and roan. The coat is solid, dark, and can be mealy to a limited extent. Last, while dark hooves are preferable, leg markings do occur. Most Andean horses stand between 12hh and 13.1hh, but the full height range of this breed is 12hh to 14.2hh, with each subtype having its own height range.

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