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The Argentine Polo Pony is a horse, and not a pony, who is famous for its outstanding performance as a polo mount. While some consider this horse to be a "type" rather than a "breed," Horse Isle considers the Argentine Polo Pony as a breed due to its ancestry, breeding guidelines, and breed standard.

Polo became popular in Argentina by the end of the 19th century but unfortunately, there were no Argentine breeds that could excel in this sport. Therefore, at the beginning of the 20th century, Argentine breeders decided to create a native polo breed. They did this by crossing Thoroughbred stallions with Criollo mares and, in the case of some breeders, also adding the blood of American Quarter Horses and Arabian horses to a very limited extent.

After 30 years of selective breeding, the Argentine Polo Pony became a distinct type of horse. It combined the athleticism and speed of the Thoroughbred, with the outstanding stamina and sturdiness of the Argentine Criollo. As such, the Argentine Polo Pony was able to keep cantering or galloping during the entire game, and could withstand the force involved in collisions with other horses.

The Argentine Polo Pony proved to be an exceptional polo breed, and today it is one of the most popular breeds in Argentina. The breeding of this talented breed revolves around its performance as a polo mount, and breeding stock is picked accordingly. Unlike most other breeds, it is not mandatory to register an Argentine Polo Pony with the Argentine Association of Polo Pony Breeders in order for the horse to be eligible for breeding. Nevertheless, many breeders choose to register their horses as it helps to constantly improve this breed.

The conformation of the Argentine Polo Pony is characterized by a light head and a thin neck that connects to a much more muscular body. It has a minimal crest, prominent withers, a sloping croup, and an overall athletic build. It is important to note that contrary to Argentine Criollos, Argentine Polo Ponies do not have feathering. Therefore, in Horse Isle, those who want to create Argentine Polo Ponies should use only Argentine Criollos who carry 'ff' or 'fF' for feathering.

Argentine Polo Ponies are usually bay, brown, black, chestnut, or gray in color. Their coat is often solid, though in rarer cases it can also be manchado, frame-overo, or sabino. That said, there are no official color restrictions for this breed and therefore, in Horse Isle, Argentine Polo Ponies can come in every color and pattern that exists in the Thoroughbred and Argentine Criollo breeds. When it comes to their height, most Argentine Polo Ponies stand between 15.1hh and 15.2hh, but the full height range of this breed is 14.2hh to 16hh.

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