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Baladi Auburn Brown Coat (left view)
Auburn Brown Coat (left view)
Baladi Chocolate Brown Tovero Coat (normal view)
Chocolate Brown Tovero Coat (normal view)

Baladi Golden Chestnut Coat (front view)
Golden Chestnut Coat (front view)
Baladi Sepia Brown Coat (right view)
Sepia Brown Coat (right view)

The Baladi (also known as 'Egyptian Horse') is an Egyptian horse breed whose ancestors' identity is unclear.

The Baladi vs. the Egyptian Arabian:
The name "Baladi" means "[horse] of the country", and highlights the Baladi being a native breed to Egypt. This breed should not be confused with the Egyptian Arabian breed, which has a specific ancestry, and which comes from well-defined bloodlines.

Horses in Ancient Egypt:
Horses, probably of the Arabian breed, were first introduced to Ancient Egypt between 1700 and 1500 BC, when the Egyptians took horses from the Hyksos, probably as spoils of war.

According to tomb paintings from that time, Egyptian horses were only used for pulling chariots, and were not ridden, probably because of their relatively small size. Nevertheless, they played a vital role in the Egyptian military, which led the Ancient Egyptians to start breeding their own horses.

While they weren't used only by the military, only rich Egyptians could afford to have horses because of how expensive it was to own and breed them. Soon enough, the horse became a symbol of wealth in Ancient Egypt.

The Baladi:
It is unclear whether the Baladi is a direct descendant of the horses of Ancient Egypt, or whether it was created by crossing these horses with other breeds. Nevertheless, the Baladi breed became common in Egypt.

Baladi horses were never subjected to strict breeding programs, and they were often crossed with different horse breeds. Starting from the 19th century, crossing Baladi horses with Arabian and Thoroughbred horses, as well as with additional European breeds, became a common practice which still persists today. Indeed, Baladi horses are popular in modern-day Egypt, and are used for riding, for pulling carts, and for performing dances.

The conformation of Baladi horses is similar to that of Arabian horses, though it is less refined, especially when it comes to their head, which can have a straight profile, and to their neck, which is less arched than the neck of the Arabians. Furthermore, they also lack the iconic stance and tail carriage of purebred Arabian horses.

Performance metrics:
The following are the: range, average, (SD), and MOE of performance metrics of ordered Baladi horses in Horse Isle (not bred ones). In rare cases, horses might have metrics outside of the range. Breeders can produce horses that are beyond this range.

Speed: 14.6-16.1, 15.4 (0.3), 0.06.
Sprint: 33-47, 40 (3), 0.53.

Accel: 0.74-0.95, 0.85 (0.04), 0.01.
Decel: 0.76-0.92, 0.84 (0.04), 0.01.

Jump: 4.98-5.26, 5.15 (0.05), 0.01.
Pull: 1.31-1.98, 1.60 (0.13), 0.03.

Turning: 40.84-52.62, 46.63 (2.83), 0.56.
Reverse: 2.2-2.8, 2.5 (0.1), 0.02.

Stamina: 43.81-47.50, 45.72 (0.85), 0.17.
Reaction: 0.73-0.82, 0.78 (0.02), 0.00.

Coats & Height:

Colors: bay, brown, black, chestnut, and grey.

Additionals: flaxen, rabicano, roan, sooty, tobiano, white-spotted sabino, all rare patterns.

Height: 13.3hh to 15hh.
Baladi Sooty Sable Black Coat
Sooty Sable Black Coat
Baladi Black Coat
Black Coat
Baladi Ebony Black Coat
Ebony Black Coat
Baladi Ebony Black Sabino Coat
Ebony Black Sabino Coat
Baladi Seal Brown Coat
Seal Brown Coat
Baladi Sooty Brown Coat
Sooty Brown Coat
Baladi Sepia Brown Coat
Sepia Brown Coat
Baladi Brown Coat
Brown Coat
Baladi Auburn Brown Coat
Auburn Brown Coat
Baladi Blood Wild Bay Coat
Blood Wild Bay Coat
Baladi Bay Coat
Bay Coat
Baladi Bay Sabino Coat
Bay Sabino Coat
Baladi Bright Bay Tobiano Coat
Bright Bay Tobiano Coat
Baladi Liver Chocolate Chestnut Coat
Liver Chocolate Chestnut Coat
Baladi Liver Chestnut Coat
Liver Chestnut Coat
Baladi Red Chestnut Coat
Red Chestnut Coat
Baladi Flaxen Red Chestnut Coat
Flaxen Red Chestnut Coat
Baladi Flaxen Chocolate Chestnut Coat
Flaxen Chocolate Chestnut Coat
Baladi Chestnut Coat
Chestnut Coat
Baladi Golden Chestnut Coat
Golden Chestnut Coat
Baladi Chocolate Chestnut Tobiano Coat
Chocolate Chestnut Tobiano Coat
Baladi Red Chestnut Tobiano Coat
Red Chestnut Tobiano Coat
Baladi Grey Coat
Grey Coat
Baladi Grey Coat
Grey Coat
Baladi Seal Brown Tobiano Coat
Seal Brown Tobiano Coat
Baladi Seal Brown Tovero Coat
Seal Brown Tovero Coat

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