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The Barock Pinto is a Dutch horse breed, which was created in 1957 by crossing Friesian horses with pinto Groningen and pinto Gelderland horses. Barock Pintos are characterized by having a conformation similar to that of the Friesian horse, while having a piebald coat.

In terms of breeding, Barock Pinto horses must have at least 37.5% Friesian blood, and therefore it might not be surprising they resemble the Friesian breed both in terms of conformation and movement. In addition, Barock Pinto horses have thick and wavy manes and tails, similar to those of Friesian horses. The only two noticeable differences between the breeds are the tobiano coat of the Barock Pinto, as well as its little feathering, which is not nearly as thick as the feathering of Friesian horses.

Barock Pinto horses are bred to have a piebald coat. In rare cases, chestnut tobiano individuals also born, as well as solid-colored horses. Both cases cannot be registered as "Barock Pinto" horses, and are instead registered as Foundation Barocks, because crossing them with tobiano Barock Pintos can generate a piebald foal.

Barock Pinto horses stand between 15.3hh and 17.2hh.

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