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A Baroque Knabstrup (also known as 'Classical Knabstrup') is a Knabstrup horse whose conformation is similar to the conformation that the original purebred Knabstrup horses had. Today, it is considered as a subtype of the Knabstrup horse.

Baroque Knabstrups differ from the other main type of Knabstrup horse (the Sport Knabstrup) in their conformation, especially when it comes to their arched and thick necks, short back, and muscular hindquarters. Baroque Knabstrups are compact and muscular in build, but are not heavy.

Baroque Knabstrups come in the colors of bay, brown, black, or chestnut, and mostly come in all patterns of spotted coats, though solid-colored individuals also exist. They stand between 14.2hh and 16.1hh.

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