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A Belgian Mule is a cross between a sorrel American Mammoth Jackstock jack and a Belgian mare.

During the early 20th century, Belgian drafts were imported to the USA, and were bred to form the Belgian horse which we know today (see 'Belgian' for more information.) The development of this new breed led American breeders to think of the idea of breeding Belgian Mules. The best donkeys for siring mules at the time were American Mammoth Jackstocks, and therefore breeders began to breed more donkeys of this breed to have a chestnut or sorrel coat (see the 'Sorrel American Mammoth Jackstock' for more information.)

Originally, Belgian Mules were used for draft work, especially on farms. Today, however, Belgian Mules are also used for recreational riding.

The conformation of Belgian Mules is similar to that of Belgian horses, but has 'donkey' aspects to it, such as long ears, relatively long heads, hooves that are more upright and oval in shape, and smoother muscles.

Belgian Mules come only in the color of chestnut, and often have a flaxen mane and tail. Therefore, breeders in Horse Isle should pick a Belgian mare who has a chestnut coat. The coat of Belgian Mules can be roan, and is often mealy. Belgian Mules stand between 14hh and 18.2hh.

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