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Feral spotted ponies had roamed Britain since prehistoric times. Their spotted coats, which served as camouflage, attracted the attention of Stone Age people who depicted them in cave paintings. Even thousands of years later, these spotted ponies were perceived as special, and were reserved for members of high societies and the royal family.

After World War II, British Spotted Ponies were exported in large numbers all over the world, and only a few hundred horses were left in Great Britain, thus turning the breed into a rare breed in the area, a status which still prevails today.

British Spotted Ponies stand up to 14.2hh, and are divided into three subtypes based on their height and conformation: miniature, which between 8hh and 10.2hh; riding pony, which stands between 10.2hh and 14.2hh; and cob, which has the same height range as the riding pony but which has a heavier built. All subtypes must have a spotted coat in order to be eligible for full registration in the main registration book. All colors are accepted except for piebald, skewbald, and grey.

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