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The Brumby (also known as 'Australian Brumby') is defined as Australia's wild horse, which means that any horse who was born in the wild in Australia, or born to horses who were captured in the wild, is considered to be a Brumby. However, note that even though Brumby horses are called "wild," they are not truly wild, but feral.

Horses of various breeds, mostly European ones, were first brought to Australian during the 18th century by European settlers. Over the years, many of these horses escaped to the wild, where they lived and bred as feral horses. The result was the Brumby, a hardy and frugal horse who can cope with the harsh Australian climate.

Brumby horses flourished in the Australian outback, and starting from the 19th century, they became a serious problem to both Australian ranchers and to Australia's ecological systems. For example, Brumby horses have been known to overgraze land, destroy the soil, break fences, and dry water sources, all serious issues which persist to this day. Different solutions were proposed to ensure that the number of Brumby horses in the wild remains balanced, one of which is to tame and adopt them, an endeavor which is managed by the Australian Brumby Alliance and by the Australian Brumby Horse Register.

There are several subtypes of Brumby horses, which differ in their location in Australia. One subtype, known as the 'Pangare Brumby', roams in West Australia, and is characterized by having a pangare coat. This subtype can be found in Horse Isle as well (see the 'Pangare Brumby').

Living and breeding in the wild, Brumby horses, unlike most other horse breeds, don't have an official and strict breed standard. While Brumbies can vary greatly in their appearance, they do share some common characteristics, which are reflected in the 'standard' for Brumby horses in Horse Isle.

Brumby horses come in a large variety of colors and patterns, except for manchado, mushroom, and dominant black. They stand between 13.1hh and 15.1hh.

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