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The Budyonny is a Russian breed. It is named after S. M. Budyonny, who developed this breed.

The story of the Budyonny is tied with the story of another Russian breed called Don. Back at the beginning of the 20th century, Don horses were known for their endurance and speed, they weren't robust and strong enough. Therefore, breeders crossed them with Kirgiz, Kazach, and Thoroughbred horses. None of these crossbreds proved successful, so Russian breeders started to look into developing a completely new breed.

The development of this new breed took place between 1920 and 1950, and was orchestrated by the famous Russian breeder Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny (the same breeder who created the Tersky breed). The breeding process involved two main steps. The first step was crossing the best Don and Chernomor mares with Thoroughbred stallions. The second step was crossing the Anglo-Don, Anglo-Chernomor, and Anglo-Don x Chernomor mares, which were created in the first step, with the best Anglo-Don stallions. These crosses resulted in a new breed that is stronger than the Don. That breed was called Budyonny.

Similarly to other Russian breeds, the Budyonny was bred primarily for its endurance and survivability in the harsh Russian climate. As such, Budyonny herds were kept in taboon conditions, which means that they were left to live in wild conditions and were assessed by humans about once a year. This ensured their hardiness, because only the horses who survived the winter were allowed to breed. In fact, the survivability of this breed was tested in the 1950s, by a group of breeders who transferred a herd of Budyonny horses to a small island in Lake Manych-Gudilo, and let them roam free, with no human intervention. Not only that the herd survived, but their progeny still roams there to this very day.

Today, the Budyonny is a popular breed in Russia, where it is known its excellent endurance, decent speed. and good jumping ability. It serves primarily as a sport horse for show-jumping and cross-country.

Budyonny horses are usually chestnut in color, though bay, brown, black, and grey exist as well. The coat is always solid, and has a metallic sheen to it. Therefore, it is not recommended to cross two Budyonny horses who are heterozygous for metallic (Mtmt), as it might result in a non-metallic foal. Budyonny horses stand between 15.1hh and 16.1hh.

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