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The Cerbat Mustang (also known as the 'Cerbat Mountain Spanish Mustang') is a rare strain of the Spanish Mustang, which roams the Cerbat Mountains in Arizona. This breed almost went extinct during the 1970s, but thanks to conservation efforts which included declaring the Cerbat Mustang to be a protected breed, small herds of these horses still exist today.

Cerbat Mustangs are descendants of Spanish horses which were brought to the Americas at some point, but the exact identity of these Spanish horses is unknown. Some say that they were brought by the Spanish conquistadores during the 16th century, while others speculate that they were only brought to America in the 18th century. Another theory stipulates that the ancestors of the Cerbat Mustangs were tamed horses, who were set free by American farmers during the 19th century. However, regardless of their exact origins, it is known that Cerbat Mustangs have lived in isolation for many years, and that inbreeding within their herds was common, and therefore that the horses maintained the purity of their Spanish blood.

The conformation of Cerbat Mustangs resembles that of the Andalusians, which serves as a hint of their Spanish ancestry. They come mainly in chestnut, bay, and roan coats, though black and dun coats can also be found. Cerbat Mustangs usually stand between 14hh and 15hh, though individuals as tall as 16hh can be found.

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