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The Colombian Paso Fino (also known as 'Colombian Criollo' and 'Colombian Walking Horse') is a subtype of the Paso Fino breed, which was created in Colombia.

Colombian Paso Finos were created to serve as work horses, especially for working with cattle. As such, during their breeding process, great care was given to their versatility and ability to work, as well as for their comfortable gaits. They mainly contain the blood of the Barb and Andalusian breeds, contrary to the Puerto Rican Paso Fino that mainly contains the blood of the Spanish Jennet.

When it comes to breeding, Colombian breeders prefer to keep their horses pure, and not to cross them with non-Colombian Paso Fino horses. Therefore, in Horse Isle, crossing a Colombian Paso Fino with a generic, Cuban, or Puerto Rican Paso Fino will result in a non-pure foal.

The color palette of the Colombian Paso Fino is more restricted than that of the other subtypes, because Colombian breeders preferred their horses to have a dark coat with little to no white over their body. As such, Colombian Paso Fino horses come in the colors of bay, brown, black, chestnut, dun, roan and grey. They may carry the cream and pearl dilutions, but double-cream (CC) colors are not accepted. Therefore, it's not recommended to cross horses who are heterozygous to cream C. In addition, Colombian Paso Finos always have a solid coat (no pinto patterns.) White markings are discouraged and are limited to the face and lower legs. Colombian Paso Fino horses stand between 13.1hh and 14.2hh.

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