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A Colored Racehorse is a horse with a tobiano coat and the conformation of a Thoroughbred. While Colored Racehorses look like Thoroughbreds, they are not true Thoroughbreds, and are regarded as a separate breed.

There are only three pinto patterns that naturally exist in purebred Thoroughbreds: sabino, frame-overo, and splash. Unfortunately, contrary to them, the tobiano pattern doesn't exist in the Thoroughbred breed. Nevertheless, some breeders decided to breed tobiano Thoroughbreds by creating a tobiano horse who has the conformation and abilities of the Thoroughbred.

Since tobiano doesn't exist in Thoroughbreds, the only way to get that desired horse was to cross purebred Thoroughbred horses with pinto sport horses, in order to get tobiano foals who have Thoroughbred blood. However, because the breeding rules for Thoroughbreds forbid crossing them with other breeds, then the resulting tobiano foals are not considered to be real Thoroughbreds. Instead, these crossbred foals are referred to as Colored Racehorses.

Colored Racehorses are always crossed with purebred Thoroughbreds, so that their progeny will have a higher percentage of Thoroughbred blood. This improves both their conformation and performance, in a manner which makes them more similar to Thoroughbred horses rather than to the non-Thoroughbred parent. Therefore, many Colored Racehorses have the conformation, speed, and endurance of purebred Thoroughbreds, and, as such, in many cases, the only visible difference between the two breeds is the tobiano coat of the Colored Racehorse.

Colored Racehorses come in the colors of bay, brown, black, chestnut, grey, roan, and cream-dilutes. Their coat is either tobiano or tovero, unless it is dominant-white, in which case it will be solid white. Colored Racehorses stand between 15hh and 17.2hh.

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