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The Czech Warmblood (also known as 'CT') is a sport warmblood breed that is usually used for show-jumping.

Czech Warmblood horses have roamed the Czech Republic for over a century, and many of them served as cavalry horses in both World Wars. In the 1960s, those warmbloods were crossed with Thoroughbreds, Oldenburgs, Hanoverians, Furiosos, and Trakehners. These crossings created the Czech Warmblood that we know today.

Czech Warmbloods are bred to excel in all Olympic disciplines, but especially in show-jumping, a discipline in which they perform well. In order to constantly improve this breed, the studbook of the Czech Warmblood is open for a limited list of breeds, among them are Thoroughbreds and German sport warmbloods (see the 'purebreeding' list at the bottom under detailed info for the complete list of breeds).

Because of their open book policy, Czech Warmbloods can differ in their conformation. However, most of then have a light head with a straight profile, a long neck which is slightly arched and connects to the withers from a high angle, pronounced withers, a somewhat sloping croup, long legs, and a rectangular frame.

Czech Warmbloods come in the colors of bay, black, brown, chestnut, grey, and cream-dilutes. In addition, while roan doesn't naturally exist in this breed, it can be bred into it. The coat is usually solid, though sabino (white-spotted) markings on the legs, face, and abdomen occur from time to time. Tobiano is extremely rare but occurs. Czech Warmbloods stand between 15.2hh and 17.2hh.

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