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The Dareshuri is a rare Iranian horse breed of Arabian-type, which was developed from the Persian Arabian. It is not considered as a subtype of an Arabian horse, but rather as a separate breed.

The Dareshuri breed was created by the Dareshuri tribe in the province of Fars. Its ancestors were Arabian and Syrian horses which were crossed with Persian Arabians. Contrary to the breeders of Arabian and Persian Arabian horses, the Dareshuri people didn't breed for strains, but rather for a general type, and therefore, there are no strains of the Dareshuri breed.

Dareshuri horses have longer legs and shorter backs compared to their Persian ancestors. They also have smaller eyes and smaller jowls, and their faces are dished by in a different manner than the faces of Arabian and Persian Arabian horses. Other than these differences, their overall conformation is similar to that of the Persian Arabian.

Dareshuri horses tend to have white markings, and come in the colors of chestnut, bay, grey or black, with the latter being extremely rare. Dareshuri horses mostly stand between 14.3hh and 15.1hh.

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