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The Dole Trotter is a subtype of the Dole breed. It is also known as 'Norwegian Coldblood Trotter.'

Dole Trotters were created in the 19th century, but became popular during the 1920s, when harness trotting races for Doles became more common. This encouraged breeders to breed the best Dole Trotters they could, and paid more attention to the trotting speed of the stallions they chose to use. Therefore, Dole Trotters were tested for their speed, and only those who reached above a minimal speed were allowed to breed. This form of selection still takes place today, because Dole Trotters are still used for harness racing.

Dole Trotters are usually black, brown, or bay in color, though chestnut (which can be flaxen,) grey, dun, buckskin, and palomino occur rarely. In Horse Isle, they can also have double-cream dilutions. Dole Trotters stand between 14.1hh and 16hh.

(For more info, see the 'Dole.')

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