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The Foundation Morgan (also known as 'Old-type Morgan') is a subtype of the Morgan horse, and is defined as any Morgan horse who has at least 97% Morgan blood, and who has no American Saddlebred ancestors past 1930 (except for an American Saddlebred ancestor called 'Ladelle.')

Foundation Morgan horses are stockier and sturdier than the newer show-type Morgans. In addition, they have the original rigidity of the Morgan breed, and are considered to be more suitable for ranch work compared to the show-type Morgan.

Foundation Morgans come mostly in the solid colors of bay, brown, black, and chestnut, but grey horses and cream-dilutes are seen from time to time. Unlike the show-type Morgan, Foundation Morgans come only in solid coats, and their white markings are usually kept to a minimum. However, in rare cases, they can have prominent white markings on their face and legs. Foundation Morgans stand between 14hh and 15.2hh.

(For more info about the Morgan breed, see the 'Morgan.')

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