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The French Trotter (also known as 'Norman Trotter') is a horse breed which excels at trotting races. As such, it has an extremely fast trot, with only the Standardbred being able to trot faster.

In the 1830s, trotting races became popular in France, and that led French horse-breeders from Normandy to develop a French breed that excels in trotting. To this end, they crossed Thoroughbreds and Norfolk Trotters with local Normandy mares, as well as with Orlov Trotters a few decades later. During the 20th century, Standardbreds were also added to the mix, and it was only then that the French Trotter breed was officially created.

French Trotters are superb trotters, and are considered to be the only big rival to the Standardbred breed (see the 'Standardbred' breed for more info.) They are very popular in France, where they are used primarily for both driving trotting races, and mounted trotting races.

French Trotters come in the colors of chestnut, bay, and brown. They stand between 15.1hh and 17.1hh, with the majority of them standing between 15.3hh and 16.3hh.

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