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The Gelderland (also known as Gelderlander) is a European warmblood horse originated in the Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

The Gelderland breed was created by crossing mares, native to the Gelderland province, with a variety of other breeds, such as the Andalusian, Norman, Holsteiner, Hackney, Thoroughbred, and Oldenburg, just to name a few. The breeds involved in the creation of the Gelderland breed were picked for their specific characteristics, most of which the Gelderland successfully inherited. For example, Gelderland horses have a high-stepping trot, like the Hackneys; They have a convex (Roman) nose, like the Norman horses; and their head is high-set, like the head of a Friesian.

Originally, Gelderland horses were used for working the fields and for pulling carriages. Even today they are still popular as carriage horses thanks to their high-stepping trot. Their potential as jumping horses was discovered only in recent years, as several Gelderland horses became top jumpers. However, this breed is not as popular as other warmblood sport horse breeds, and its numbers remain low.

Gelderland horses were also used to create the Dutch Warmblood and the Dutch Tuigpaard breeds. As such, the KWPN organization, which is responsible for the breeding and studbook of the Dutch Warmblood, is also responsible for the breeding and studbook of the Gelderland breed.

Compared to other warmblood sport breeds, Gelderlands have a distinguished conformation. Their nose is usually convex, their neck is arched and set high, and their back is long. Their predominant colors are chestnut, grey, bay, and black, but pinto individuals can sometimes be found. Gelderlands usually stand between 15.1hh and 16hh.

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