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The Georgian Grande is an American saddle breed, which is named after George Wagner Jr. who created it.

The story of the Georgian Grande begins with the story of another breed: the American Saddlebred. Back in the 19th century, Saddlebreds were strong and sturdy riding horses, who carried American generals into battles. However, as decades went by, the American Saddlebred was selectively bred to perform as a show horse. As a result, the American Saddlebred became leaner and lighter, and lost its heavier conformation.

In the 1970s, a man named George Wagner Jr. decided to recreate the original heavier Saddlebred. To achieve this, he crossed Saddlebred horses with Friesian and draft horses, to get a horse with the general disposition of the Saddlebred, but with more mass. This attempt was successful, and the new breed became known as 'Georgian Grande.'

Today, Georgian Grande is any horse who has between 25% and 75% Saddlebred blood, and between 25% and 75% blood of one or more of the following breeds: Friesian, Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron, Belgian, Brabant, American Cream Draft, Drum Horse or Gypsy Vanner. That said, the conformation of the horse in question still needs to adhere to the official breed standard. When it comes to breeding Georgian Grandes in Horse Isle, in order to maintain the desired blood-percentages, Georgian Grandes can only be crossed with each other.

While Georgian Grandes have between 25% and 75% American Saddlebred blood, they are not gaited. Furthermore, the breed standard specifically requires Georgian Grandes to have a light trot with good impulsion, and a balanced canter. Therefore, in Horse Isle, Georgian Grandes will be penalized if they carry the Am allele, as it prevents them from cantering and/or trotting. Therefore, it is recommended to use non-gaited American Saddlebreds as breeding stock.

In terms of appearance, Georgian Grande horses combine the general disposition of a Saddlebred horse, with a heavier baroque conformation. They have a long head with large eyes and high-set ears, their neck is long and high-set as well, their girth can be somewhat lean, their legs are long and might have little feathering, their hooves are large, and their croup is sloping. In addition, Georgian Grandes can differ in their level of muscularity, with some horses heavier and more muscular than others. The manes and tails or Georgian Grandes can be silky or wavy.

Georgian Grande horses can come in all colors, except for mushroom, manchado, and leopard. They usually stand around 16hh, with the full height range being 14.2hh to 17+hh, and therefore in Horse Isle they stand between 14.2hh and 17.2hh.

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