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The Giarab is an Italian breed, that is created by crossing a Giara horse with an Arabian or a Sardinian Anglo-Arab. In some cases, sport ponies are also added to the mix, because the Giarab serves as a sport mount for children. In Horse Isle, however, sport ponies are not necessary in order to breed a Giarab.

Giarabs must have at least 25% Giara blood in order to be eligible for registration. Therefore, in Horse Isle, Giarabs are allowed to be crossed only with Giara horses, or with other Giarabs.

Giarabs come only in the colors of bay, black, brown, chestnut, or grey. The coat is always solid, and usually has a dark tone. Therefore, when creating a Giarab, it is recommended to use a breeding stock that has these coats. When it comes to their height, Giarabs stand between 10.2hh and 14.2hh. Given their small size, when breeding for a Giarab, it is recommended to use only small Arabians or Sardinian Anglo-Arabs.

(For more information about the breeds that form the Giarab, see the 'Arabian,' 'Sardinian Anglo-Arab,' and 'Giara.')

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