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Only three breeds developed in Europe and still extant today can properly be considered hotbloods: the English Thoroughbred, the Andalusian (or Pura Raza Espanol) and the Spanish Barb. A good case can be made to include the Lusitano and Anglo-Arab as well. The antecedents of the Spanish breeds are lost in time, but those of the Thoroughbred are well documented; both types contain a large measure of Oriental blood.
Of the above, the Thoroughbred most resembles the Oriental horses, but shows its Northern European roots in the fact that it is double-coated. The others come under the heading of "baroque" horses one sees in the statuary of European capitals--slim of leg but compact, muscular and cresty.
The Spanish breeds have been bred for a cooperative and agreeable nature, but in the main, the English Thoroughbred has been bred for speed, and, to a lesser extent, jumping talent.

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