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Big Book of Breeds
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The fine harness pony is a slender yet strong type of pony that is bred to excel in pulling carriages and light carts in a fancy manner. An example of such a pony is the Hackney Pony.

Fine harness ponies should not be confused with 'regular' harness ponies, who are bred for pulling carriages and carts in an elegant yet efficient manner across all terrains.

Fine harness ponies are very agile, especially when it comes to their knee action which is high and pronounced. This means that they lift their long legs as high as possible, picking up their knees to the height of their chest.

In addition to their characteristic knee action, the neck carriage of fine harness ponies is also high, and their head is held close to their neck. The tail often has a high carriage, as well.

Colors: All.
Additionals: All.
Height: 10hh to 14.1hh.

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