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Big Book of Breeds
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The horse is a domestic herbivore which arose in North America, then established itself in Asia. The species which was later domesticated is lost to us now; recent genetic studies show that even the Taki, or Przewalski's Horse, is a remnant of a once-domesticated horse. Horses are defined as having small, pointed ears, manes which, when long enough, lie flat on the animal's neck, rounded hooves and an overall anatomy that gives them great speed compared to other equines. Its original colors appear, also from recent genetic studies, to be bay, dun, black and leopard-spotted. The horse was probably domesticated in Central Asia; the latest finds, in tombs in the Altai Mountain area, date back between 3,500 and 4,000 years. Horses today come in an enormous variety of sizes and colors, but on the whole, their temperament is amenable, willing and extremely patient.

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