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The Miniature Horse is the smallest horse type in the world, and is regarded as the miniature version of a normally-proportioned horse.

The ancestors of the Miniature Horse are pit ponies who worked in the Appalachian coal mines in the 19th and 20th centuries. These small ponies were crossed with Shetland ponies, and this combination created an even smaller horse, who is less than 34 inches tall.

Grade Miniature Horses are extremely intelligent and have a pleasant and agreeable personality, which is why they are popular as therapy pets. In recent years, Miniature Ponies have also started to serve as guide horses for blind people, in a similar role to that of guide dogs. Despite their small size they are also used for driving, as they can pull up to 1.5 times their own weight.

By definition, a Miniature Horse is any horse who is shorter than 34 inches. Many of them have a dished profile, large eyes, and large nostrils. Their neck is usually arched, and their body is compact and short. The breed comes in all possible coat colors.

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