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Big Book of Breeds
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A pleasure pony, also known as 'trail pony' and 'riding pony', is any pony suitable for trail riding. Pleasure ponies don't adhere to a certain type of conformation, but they need to be comfortable to ride, have steady and well-balanced gaits, and be physically suitable for crossing various terrains. They are also expected to have a calm and obedient temperament, as appropriate for good mounts.

Various types of competitions were created in order to measure the ability of a pony to serve as a proper pleasure pony, such as pleasure shows and riding-pony classes. In these competitions, the ponies are always tested for their obedience, and are also tested either for their way of movement, for their conformation and appearance, for their ability to perform basic maneuvers, or for any combination of these factors.

Generally speaking, Sport Ponies and Draft Ponies can also be considered as pleasure ponies. However, in Horse Isle, a pleasure pony is any pony which has the characteristics of a pleasure pony, but doesn't belong in any of the aforementioned categories.

In Horse Isle, pleasure ponies stand between 12hh and 14.2hh.

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