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Big Book of Breeds
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A Gypsy Vanner Pony (sometimes called 'Mini Gypsy Vanner' and 'Mini Gypsy Pony') is any Gypsy Vanner which stands between 10hh and 13hh.

Gypsy Vanners can naturally be 13hh tall, and the development of Gypsy Vanner Ponies revolves around crossing 13hh Gypsy Vanners in order to achieve Gypsy Vanner Ponies who are shorter than 13hh. Breeders may cross their Gypsy Vanners with other pony breeds in order to get a pony version of the Gypsy Vanner, but in this case the offspring will be labeled as "Mini Gypsy Horse" because it's not a purebred Gypsy Vanner.

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