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The Hackney pony is a subtype of the Hackney breed. It was created in 1872, when a man named Christopher Wilson crossed a Norfolk/Yorkshire trotter stallion, named Sir George, with Fell Pony mares in order to create a pony version of the Hackney breed. The resulting ponies, which combined the high action of the Hackney with a pony-like appearance and a small size, became extremely popular for pulling small carriages. They were exported all over the world, similarly to their horse-size counterpart.

Hackney ponies have a more pony-like appearance compared to the Hackney horse, especially in their ears which are relatively small, and their eyes which are relatively large. In addition, they also tend to have a more compact built.

Hackney ponies come in the colors of black, brown, bay, and chestnut. They often have white markings, including on their belly. In addition, Hackneys ponies that were bred in Argentina sometimes have a manchado coat. Hackney ponies stand between 12hh and 14.1hh.

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