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Harness Cukurova Liver Chestnut Coat (left view)
Liver Chestnut Coat (left view)
Harness Cukurova Grey Coat (normal view)
Grey Coat (normal view)

Harness Cukurova Brown Coat (front view)
Brown Coat (front view)
Harness Cukurova Grey Coat (right view)
Grey Coat (right view)

The Harness Cukurova is the heavier subtype of the two subtypes of the Cukurova horse.

The Cukurova was created at the beginning of the 20th century by blending Turkish Arabians with Uzunyaylas (and later with Anadolus.) Some horses received more Turkish Arabian blood and were later developed into the Saddle Cukurova. Others received more Uzunyayla blood and were developed into the Harness Cukurova, similar to its Uzunyayla ancestors who were used for pack work and for pulling carts.

The Harness Cukurova is heavier and fuller than the Saddle Cukurova. Its facial profile is convex, its eyes are smaller, its girth is deeper, and its legs a tad shorter than the legs of the Saddle Cukurova.

In addition, they also have a long head, long and upright ears, a long neck, prominent withers, a long and slightly sloping croup, and a narrow body. The mane and tail are thin, with the mane growing to medium length at most.

Performance metrics:
The following are the: range, average, (SD), and MOE of performance metrics of ordered Harness Cukurovas in Horse Isle (not bred ones). In rare cases, horses might have metrics outside of the range. Breeders can produce horses that are beyond this range.

Speed: 14.5-15.5, 15.1 (0.2), 0.04.
Sprint: 41-52, 47 (2), 0.48.

Accel: 0.85-1.07, 0.96 (0.05), 0.01.
Decel: 0.88-1.01, 0.95 (0.03), 0.01.

Jump: 5.06-5.28, 5.17 (0.04), 0.01.
Pull: 1.60-2.03, 1.83 (0.08), 0.02.

Turning: 43.69-57.97, 50.77 (3.18), 0.62.
Reverse: 2.1-2.7, 2.5 (0.1), 0.03.

Stamina: 47.32-51.20, 49.43 (0.85), 0.17.
Reaction: 0.76-0.85, 0.81 (0.02), 0.00.

Coats & Height:
Colors: usually grey, but also bay, black, brown, and chestnut.

Additionals: flaxen, sooty, dark mane & tail. The coat is always solid.

Height: 13.2hh to 13.3hh.
Harness Cukurova Brown Coat
Brown Coat
Harness Cukurova Liver Chestnut Coat
Liver Chestnut Coat

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