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The Heavy Dole is a subtype of the Dole breed. It is named after its conformation, which is heavier than the conformation of the second type of Dole, the Dole Trotter.

Heavy Doles have the conformation of the original Dole horses, those who served as farm horses in Norway for hundreds of years. While they are smaller than modern heavy drafts, they are still strong enough to perform draft work. Today, they are used for transporting logs from forests, and for pulling sleighs and carriages during celebrations or for tourism.

Heavy Dole horses are usually black, brown, or bay in color, though chestnut (which can be flaxen,) grey, dun, buckskin, and palomino occur rarely. In Horse Isle, they can also have double-cream dilutions. Heavy Doles horses stand between 14hh and 16hh.

(For more info, see the 'Dole.')

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