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The Heavy Voronezh Coach Horse is the heaviest subtype of the Voronezh Coach Horse.

Voronezh Coach Horses were created in the 20th century by crossing heavy Bityug horses with trotters and larger drafts, primarily with Orlov Trotters and imported Clydesdales. The Heavy Voronezh Coach Horse has a conformation that is closer to that of a heavy draft than to that of a trotter. While this horse can make a good draft horse, it lacks the speed and relative lightness of the trotter.

Heavy Voronezh Coach Horses are bay, black, brown, and roan, are said to also come in 'pinto,' although given their Clydesdale ancestors, the pinto pattern is probably sabino. Heavy Voronezh Coach Horses stand between 15hh and 16hh.

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