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Hirzai Wild Bay Coat (left view)
Wild Bay Coat (left view)
Hirzai Grey Sabino Coat (normal view)
Grey Sabino Coat (normal view)

Hirzai Grey Coat (front view)
Grey Coat (front view)
Hirzai Grey Coat (right view)
Grey Coat (right view)

The Hirzai is an endangered Pakistani saddle breed.

The Hirzai was created in the Baluchistan region in 1839, by crossing an Arabian stallion with a native mare. This breed is still being bred in Pakistan, and is locally known for its excellent endurance and for being stronger than it looks.

Hirzai horses have a muscular neck of medium length, a short back, a somewhat horizontal croup, and thin yet strong legs. Similar to other Pakistani breeds, the ears of Hirzai horses curve inwards.

The mane and tail are fine, and the mane is either short or medium in length.

Performance metrics:
The following are the: range, average, (SD), and MOE of performance metrics of ordered Hirzai horses in Horse Isle (not bred ones). In rare cases, horses might have metrics outside of the range. Breeders can produce horses that are beyond this range.

Speed: 15.5-16.6, 16.1 (0.2), 0.05.
Sprint: 54-64, 59 (2), 0.42.

Accel: 0.94-1.10, 1.02 (0.04), 0.01.
Decel: 0.88-1.00, 0.94 (0.03), 0.00.

Jump: 5.14-5.39, 5.25 (0.05), 0.01.
Pull: 1.98-2.47, 2.26 (0.1), 0.02.

Turning: 48.18-61.77, 55.63 (2.92), 0.57.
Reverse: 2.3-2.9, 2.7 (0.1), 0.02.

Stamina: 46.22-49.85, 48.05 (0.86), 0.17.
Reaction: 0.77-0.86, 0.82 (0.02), 0.00.

Coats & Height:
Colors: usually grey, but more rarely dark-bay (titled 'brown' in Horse Isle,) black, bay, chestnut, and dominant-white.

Additionals: flaxen, sooty, dark mane & tail. The coat is usually solid but can also be white-spotted sabino, and usually has white markings.

Height: 14.3hh to 15.1hh
Hirzai Sooty Ebony Black Coat
Sooty Ebony Black Coat
Hirzai Sooty Dark Brown Sabino Coat
Sooty Dark Brown Sabino Coat
Hirzai Sepia Brown Sabino Coat
Sepia Brown Sabino Coat
Hirzai Sepia Brown Coat
Sepia Brown Coat
Hirzai Brown Coat
Brown Coat
Hirzai Red Bay Coat
Red Bay Coat
Hirzai Wild Bay Coat
Wild Bay Coat
Hirzai Bright Bay Sabino Coat
Bright Bay Sabino Coat
Hirzai Dark Grey Coat
Dark Grey Coat
Hirzai Grey Coat
Grey Coat
Hirzai Grey Coat
Grey Coat
Hirzai Light Grey Coat
Light Grey Coat

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