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The Hispano-Arab (also spelled 'Hispano-Arabe', and designated with 'HA'; usually known as 'Aralusian' in the USA) is a Spanish horse breed, which was created in 18th century Andalusia, when Spanish breeders crossed Andalusian horses with Arabian horses. The breed was officially recognized in 1986, with the establishment of its official studbook.

Originally created to serve as a cattle horse, the Hispano-Arab combines the agility and strength of the Andalusian with the endurance and speed of the Arabian. The Spanish ranchers were pleased with the horses that they created, especially because they also had comfortable gaits and a cooperative temperament. Therefore, their Hispano-Arabs also served as saddle and cavalry horses.

After the Hispano-Arab was created, breeders seek to keep its studbook closed for outside blood, as there were enough Hispano-Arab horses to maintain the breeding program. Alas, the numbers of the Hispano-Arab horses began to dwindle during the 1980s, and the breed became rare. In order to prevent inbreeding within the small stock of Hispano-Arab horses, Spanish breeders decided to reintroduce new blood of Andalusian and Arabian horses into the breed.

In terms of breeding, Hispano-Arab horses must be between 25% and 75% Arabian, and between 25% and 75% Andalusian, with a 50%-50% ratio being considered the ideal ratio. Therefore, when crossing two Hispano-Arabs, both must be 50% Arabian and 50% Andalusian, or, alternatively, one parent can be a 75% Arabian and 25% Andalusian, and the other must be a 75% Andalusian and 25% Arabian, in order to get an offspring which has the 50%-50% ratio. Because of this restriction, in order to breed a purebred Hispano-Arab in Horse Isle, both parents need to be Hispano-Arabs, or one parent must be an Arabian and the other must be an Andalusian.

Most Hispano-Arabs are grey in color, but bay, chestnut, and, more rarely, black individuals also exist. Cream-dilutions and dun are rare but can be found. Hispano-Arabs usually have solid coats, but in Horse Isle they can also have sabino and manchado coats. This is because these patterns exist within the Arabian breed, and because the breed standard for Hispano-Arabs doesn't include any color restrictions. Hispano-Arab horses stand between 14.3hh and 16hh.

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