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The Latvian Riding Horse (also known as 'Latvian Harness horse') is the original form of the Latvian breed.

Following World War I, Latvia suffered a shortage of saddle horses. Therefore, Latvian breeders imported Hanoverian, Oldenburg, and Holsteiner horses to Okte State Stud, where they crossed them with local heavy horses.

Starting from 1925, additional athletic saddle breeds, as well as additional Hanoverian stallions, were imported to Latvia. Most of them were brought to Svetciems State Stud, where they were crossed with Latvian mares to further refine the Latvian breed and turn it into a proper harness and riding horse. Almost three decades later, in 1952, the Latvian breed was officially recognized. At that time, all Latvian horses were of the Riding type.

Today, Latvian Riding Horses are bred in a pure manner. In order to ensure their purity in Horse Ise, Latvian Riding Horses cannot be crossed with other types of Latvian horses, because both the Latvian and Latvian Sport Horse breeds can contain the blood of various sport warmbloods.

During the second half of the 20th century, Latvian Riding Horses served the basis to the development of the slightly taller and more athletic Latvian Sport Horse.

Latvian Riding Horses come only in the colors of bay, black, brown, and chestnut. Grey is highly undesirable, and therefore, in Horse Isle, this breed does not come in grey. Their coat is always solid, although they can have prominent facial and leg markings. They stand between 15.2hh and 17.1hh.

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