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A Light Pyrenean Mule is a mule breed which is created by crossing a Catalan jack with an Anglo-Arab mare. It is the lightest subtype of the Pyrenean mule, having the best endurance of all them all, and is the one who is more suitable for riding than to draft work.

Breeding notes:
In Horse Isle, in order to maximize the chances of getting Pyrenean Mule foals, breeders should pick the Anglo-Arab dam with care.

Ideally, the mare will have a short mane, and will be no taller than 16hh.

Coat & Height:
Coat: bay, black, brown, and more rarely, dominant-black and grey*.
* Generally, Pyrenean mules are not eligible for registration if their coat is dark-grey and doesn't lighten. However, in Horse Isle, there is no distinction between dark-grey and light-grey mules, and therefore Pyrenean mules can have a dark-grey coat.

Additionals: linebacked, roan, sooty, mealy. The coat lacks markings.

Breeding notes: the colors of cream dilutes, dun, and white, as well as pinto patterns, are not allowed in the Light Pyrenean mule. Therefore, breeders should ensure that the Anglo-Arab mare of their choice doesn't carry any of these colors/patterns.

Height: 14.3hh to 15.3hh.

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