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The Lundy is a rare British pony breed, that is named after the Island of Lundy where it originated.

In 1928, around 40 New Forest mares were shipped to Lundy Island by Martin Coles Harman, who owned the island at the time. These mares were left to live outdoors all your round. Two years later, in 1930, a Welsh stallion was brought to the island, to breed with these New Forest mares. This was the beginning of the Lundy breed.
The New Forest x Welsh offspring survived well on the island. Therefore, during the next decade, additional Welsh stallions and one Connemara stallion were introduced to the herd to breed with the mares. This mixing of breeds created a new pony breed, which was called the "Lundy Pony."

Today, there are still Lundy ponies who live in semi-feral conditions on Lundy; they live only outdoors, and are constantly being supervised by humans to ensure that they are all in good condition. In addition, small numbers of Lundy Ponies also live in Mainland Britain, where they serve as mounts for children.

The bodies of Lundy Ponies are compactly built, and they have large heads, muscular necks, short backs, short legs, a deep girth, and an overall square frame.

Lundy Ponies are usually dun in color, but can also be bay, brown, roan, and chestnut, though bright chestnut is discouraged. In addition, they can also carry the cream allele, in which case most of them will carry only one copy of the cream allele. This is because blue-eyed double-cream coats are accepted only in mares and geldings. That said, in Horse Isle, double-cream is also accepted for stallions. Another color worth mentioning is the light-chestnut, which is also not accepted for breeding. Because of this, light-chestnut doesn't naturally occur in Lundy Ponies in Horse Isle. However, foals who are born with this color will not be penalized. Lundy Ponies stand between 13.1hh and 13.2hh.

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