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The Mangolina is a Brazilian gaited saddle breed, which is created when a Campolina is crossed with a Mangalarga Marchador.

Mangolinas perform the two marcha gaits found in Campolinas and Mangalarga Marchadors: the marcha picada, and the marcha batida. The marcha picada is a 4-beat lateral gait that is similar to a broken pace. During this gait, there is a phase where both the hind and front legs of the same side are elevated, but the hind leg always lands before the front leg, meaning that there is a phase of triple-leg support before the two legs of the other side go up. This support enhances the smoothness of the gait.

The marcha batida is a 4-beat diagonal gait that is similar to a broken trot. During this gait, there is a phase where the hind leg of one side and the and front leg of the opposite side are elevated, but the hind leg always lands first, meaning that there is triple-leg support between each diagonal. That said, the length of this support phase is shorter than in the marcha picada. Overreaching is common in marcha batida, though the hooves don't hit each other because an instant before the hind leg lands, the horse starts to execute the next diagonal, so when the hind leg lands the hoof of the front leg is already flexed forward (with only its tip touching the ground.) Therefore, there is always space between the hind hoof and the front hoof of the same side.

Mangolinas are usually dun in color, but can also come in the colors of bay, black, brown, chestnut, grey, and roan, with the coat being solid, sabino, or tobiano. The colors of palomino, buckskin, and smoky black also found in this breed. However, double-cream diluted horses are banned from registration because of their blue eyes. Therefore, it is not recommended to cross two heterozygous cream (Cc) Mangolinas. In addition, horses who have an albino-like coat are also banned from registration, which is why sabino-1 (Sb) is not found in this breed, and why horses with a maximal pinto coat will be penalized.

Mangolina horses stand between 14.1hh and 16hh.

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