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The Maremmano Migliorato (pronounced Mar-eh-MA-no Meal-yo-RAH-to), or "Improved Maremmano", is a subtype of the Maremmano breed. It is known for its brave nature and its talent as a show-jumper.

The Maremmano Migliorato was created during the early 20th century, when breeders crossed Thoroughbred horses with their Maremmano horses, in order to improve the speed and the jumping ability of the Maremmano breed. In addition, a bit of warmblood blood was also added to calm their temperament, which in the old Maremmano can be difficult.

In 1932, an old stallion named "Fuano" (born in 1902), who sired excellent horses, became known as a 'Maremmano Migliorato'. This was when the 'Migliorato' term was coined, and from that moment the Maremmano Migliorato became an established type. Therefore, Fuano is considered to be the foundation stallion of the Maremmano Migliorato.

Today, the Maremmano Migliorato is popular among Italian riders, because of its athletic abilities and brave nature. In order to ensure the quality of this type, stallions must have a good conformation, and pass a jumping test, before they get approved as breeding stock. Unfortunately, because of the popularity of the Migliorato, many breeders cross their Maremmano horses with Thoroughbreds to breed more Maremmano Miglioratos. This puts the original Maremmano at risk as it becomes rarer (see the 'Maremmano' for more info).

The conformation of the Maremmano Migliorato is lighter and more athletic than that of the Maremmano. As such, the Maremmano Migliorato has a longer and thinner neck, more prominent withers, a longer back, and longer legs which are clean from feathering, or have a tuft of feathering at most.

Maremmano Miglioratos come only in the colors of bay, black, brown, and chestnut, and have a dark coat that is often sooty, and can be mealy. White markings can occur on both the face and legs, but only to a limited extent. Therefore, horses will be penalized if their markings are too prominent. Because of these restrictions, breeders should be careful when picking Thoroughbreds to use as breeding stock. Maremmano Miglioratos are taller on average than Maremmanos, and stand between 15.3hh and 17.1hh.

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