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The Modern American Shetland is a subtype of the American Shetland. It differs from the Foundation subtype and the Classic subtypes in its conformation and movement.

When it comes to conformation, Modern American Shetlands have very lean bodies, and their overall disposition is similar to that of Hackney Ponies. As such, when they stand, they often stretch their hind legs to a certain degree. Furthermore, when they move, they often hold their necks at a high position similar to Hackney horses and ponies.

The influence of the Hackney on the Modern American Shetland is seen not only in the conformation of the latter, but also in its movement. Modern American Shetlands inherited the high knee-action of their Hackney ancestors, and as such perform the same high-stepping trot that is seen in Hackneys. This trotting ability makes the Modern American Shetland unique, because the other subtypes of American Shetlands have a regular trot.

Modern American Shetlands come in all colors and patterns except for the following: dominant black, champagne, pearl, manchado, and leopard. While they stand between 7hh and 11.2hh, individuals who are shorter than 7.1hh are rarer than among the Foundation and Classic American Shetlands.

(For more info, see the 'American Shetland.')

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